Easy-Peasy Party Planning With Paperless Post

Later this summer we are planning a special event with some of our favorite local fashion lovers (details to come!). It's no secret that we love styling a pretty gathering! But beyond the fun of organizing a beautiful event, we love supporting our talented friends and connecting amazing people.

A Great Event Starts With A Great Invitation

So how do you host a great event? It's all about planning! Megan and I sat down at our local coffee shop to map it out, brainstorm and find an invite that evokes the right feel of the party theme. We've partnered with Paperless Post, who we've been using for years to send stunning invites and track guest lists, to create the perfect invitation. 

The invitation sets the mood and let's your guests know what to expect from your event. We always like to add color to ours to invoke energy and excitement! From there, it's time to start organizing the event.

Three Tips for Planning a Successful Soiree

1.) Choose a Theme

Having a theme makes an invite clear and enticing. Plus, it starts to get people excited for your event. Is it an elegant affair, a casual gathering or a special celebration? Guests appreciate knowing what to expect (and of course what to wear). If it's a sit down dinner, let them know to arrive promptly. Or for a larger event, make it a potluck and have everyone bring a dish.

ProTip: If the party is for someone special, add a Google doc link to your Paperless Post invite so guests or the co-host(s) can easily track who is bringing what (say no to 20 pasta salads!).

2.) Who Are You Hosting

Take time to think of who you will include on your guest list and if there are any special needs. The right mix of people and personalities is always key. Is someone expecting, are children coming, are there any dietary restrictions?  Structure your menu and set-up from there. For example, add non-alcoholic beverages to the menu, vegetarian food and possibly an activity planned to keep little ones or newcomers engaged.

3.) Pick a Winning Location

It's no secret that the location sets the mood. Consider a spot that has great ambiance, is easy to get to and doesn't require a lot of set-up on your part. Time is a limited resource and in our busy city this often means people have competing priorities (aka several events in one night). Finding a central location makes it easier for your busy guests to get to you on time.

We can't wait to share more as we continue to plan our summer party. In the meantime, share your event planning tips with us!

Stay Stylish,

Posted on July 19, 2017 and filed under Stylish Living.