Summer Swim Series: Beach Ready With 7 Items

We are celebrating July with a special "Summer Swim Series" where each week we will share our fave swim style picks for women of all shapes. So get ready... whether your laying by the pool or heading to the beach, we've got you covered!

Now, grab your towel and let's hit the beach! 

Megan's Beach Essentials:

I love a day in the sun, but I always like to be prepared. Below are my seven must-haves for an easy day at the beach.

Swim in Style

I gravitate toward colorful swim suits that give me a little extra coverage. One pieces are great because after the beach you can throw on a pair of shorts or shirt and head out to a casual lunch.

Pro Tip: Pair your swimsuit with shorts or flowy pants and wear it like a body suit! It's a very on trend look right now and cuts down on packing.

Essential Accessories

My beach bag always contains the same 4 items: 1. An oversized towel - I also like to pack a smaller second towel for wiping sand off my feet). 2. Sunglasses that have UV protection (did you know your eyes can get sunburns?!) 3. Sandals to protect my feet from the hot sand. 4. An easy cover-up for when it's time to get out of the sun.

Clever Carryalls

Pack up your beach gear in an oversized bag, like the straw and pom pom beach tote above. Don't forget a small waterproof bag to put your wet swimsuit in at the end of the day - it will save your other items from getting damp. 

Stay Stylish,

Posted on July 13, 2017 and filed under Women, Style Stories, Capsule Dressing.