Velvet Crush: Megan Embraces Fall's Kimono Trend


I love the effortless glamour of a kimono. For years I've been wearing a vintage kimono that my Nana purchased in Japan. So this season, I was excited to see kimonos having their moment in the spotlight again.


The Perfect Summer-Fall Transition Piece

We've chatted before on the blog about how to transition your wardrobe from one season to the next. The kimono is a chic and easy way to update your wardrobe for fall. It's a light layering piece, but you can still find styles with enough weight to keep you warm when temperatures drop. My velvet kimono (pictured) is a lot heavier than it appears, which I love since it will take me well into the cooler months.

Ways To Style Your Kimono

Do you love the idea of a kimono but aren't sure if it's really your style? Right now you can find this trend in a range of lengths, colors, and fabrics, so you can really tailor the look to suit your personal style. If you are a jeans and t-shirt gal, try a longer version with high-waisted skinny jeans. If you are more of a classic dresser, opt for a shorter cut that will accentuate your waist when worn with a cinched belt and pencil skirt (a great update on office-chic!).


Our Favorite Fall Kimonos

To help inspire you, we put together some of our favorite kimonos that are in stores and online right now.

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Fall Dressing In SF: Embellishment Trends


All month, we have been sharing some of our favorite Fall style trends. Today, Devon is taking over the blog to share what she's most excited about this season.

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Looking into fall, I am most excited to spice up my basics with more fun embellishments. Maybe it’s the art school kid in me; but I love the adorned look (even if I’m not doing it myself.) Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate embellishments into your everyday wardrobe this fall.


You can thank Gucci for the current obsession with patches. Select a huge one or lots of little ones, grab an iron and you’re all set! Over-the-top embroidery is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe this upcoming season. Your denim jacket has never looked cooler.


Pins, and...

I get a pin or patch every time I travel and have many from friends and family. Enamel pins are a quirky way to personalize your look. Select a few that speak to your current mood and get creative! We love the latest local "Hella Good" SF Pin from Seldom Seen in Hayes Valley. them to almost anything--your go-to jacket, a tote bag, lapels and collars, baseball caps and so much more!


Pearls...Oh My!

Another favorite embellished trend, of course, are pearls. This fall, pearls aren’t just meant to collect dust in your jewelry box. Give these baubles new life by adding them in expected ways. Embellished denim, pearl-adorned footwear, even decorated sweatshirts are just a few ways to bring the pearl into 2017.

Insider tip: For a step-by-step to creating your own embellished jeans, check out my favorite blog post of the summer here.



Fall Dressing In SF: Kicking Up Your Mules

One of the hottest fall trends in footwear this year is the mule. We love that regardless of your style this silhouette is offered in a fresh mix of fabrications, colors and details.

Suede Maddy Mules at Nordstrom (BP section)

Suede Maddy Mules at Nordstrom (BP section)

Mules: A Horse of Another Color

So what is a mule? Originating in France, this shoe can be considered the more sophisticated cousin of the clog. As you may have noticed, clogs have been creeping into the SF fashion scene for sometime now, so a mule appearance was bound to happen. If you are interested in reading up on the history, the mule has had a somewhat scandalous past in French society, but luckily better days are ahead for this horse hybrid. Here's a link to an interesting article on the history via HouserShoes.

Choose A Mule Style That Suits You

A few weeks ago I spotted this Maddy mule at Nordstrom and they stopped me in my tracks. I have been looking for a new comfortable shoe to wear on client shopping trips. Initially I wanted something a little more high style or metallic but these mule-loafers are practical and cute. It was a tough choice, but I landed on the mustard for a pop of color. This shade integrates with my existing fall wardrobe (I wear a lot of navy so yellow is a natural compliment).

Textured Mules at Ruti on Fillmore Street

Textured Mules at Ruti on Fillmore Street

Trends Come and Go, But Style is Timeless

As we have written before, just because something is a "trend" it does not mean you need to race out to your nearest store and pick up the "it" pieces. However, don't be afraid to bend a trend so you stay relevant. This fall there are so many different interpretations of mules whether it is a slide, loafer, or convertible style. Try on a few, you may be surprised with what you discover. 

How To Wear Mules and Not Look Like a Jackass

(Sorry Mom, that was just a bad pun). What we love about the new 2017 mule is that it is fairly foolproof. Because these shoes are backless they inherently show a little ankle, which makes them a perfect match for this season's ankle length pants, capris, skirts or dresses. The key is to show off the shoe. If you choose to wear them with flares or something with flowy fabric, add some height to the heel so they don't appear clunky.

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