Mix It Up: How To Ace High-Low Dressing


If you've been following our blog for awhile, then you know that I love high-low dressing. It's an easy way to wear those dressier pieces that live in your closet. You know which ones I am talking about... the nicer items you may have spent a little more on but always seem to be saving for a special occasion. I say embrace the day and wear what you want when you want!

What Is High-Low Dressing

High-low dressing is the art of mixing dressier pieces with more casual items to create an outfit that is uniquely you. Typically "high" pieces are more pricey and considered statement pieces such a designer purse, embellished jacket, or in my case the sequin skirt I am wearing. "Low" pieces are basics, such as a t-tee or your favorite denim. 

To Invest or Not Invest

We always recommend investing in timeless staples that you will wear over and over (such a tailored black pants, classic handbag, or a sharp blazer). Spend less on trend pieces that you will only wear for a season or two. Even then, make sure that it's something that is true to your own personal style. Don’t buy into anything that doesn't feel "you" when you put it on. 

Tips for High-Low Dressing


High-low dressing is a lot easier than it can first appear. The key is to find the right balance. Here are some tips that will have you high-low dressing like a pro:

1. Pick Your WOW! Factor: What is your standout piece going to be? This is the item that the rest of your outfit will be based around. In this case, I wore a sequin skirt that I'd bought for my upcoming vacation but couldn't wait to wear.

1. Build with Basics: Think of these as the supporting characters. They are your more simple pieces, such as a bright white t-shirt or basic pair of denim that won't compete with your statement item. Since my sequin skirt was the focal point of my outfit, I went with a simple sweater and white K Swiss sneakers.


2. Be Creative With Layers: You can make your less expensive pieces elegant by wearing them in creative layers. Add interest with contrasting hues. For example. I wore my $20 Target denim jacket over a bright yellow Vince. cashmere sweater.

4. Finish with Accessories: When in doubt, reach for an accessory. Often times these are the more expensive pieces in your wardrobe - and the ones you tend to wear the least often. A bold necklace or embellished pin can instantly make your outfit pop and stand out. I topped off my look with my face Gucci sunnies.

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Little Tokens Of Love: Mother's Day Gifts for All Ages


Mother's Day seems to have snuck up on us this year! As Kimberly and I have shared in the past, we are close to our moms and always like to treat them on Mother's Day.

So, what do you get the woman who deserves it all? Finding the perfect gift for mom can sometimes be tricky. This year, we have put together our guide for gifting to moms of all ages and stages.

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The New Mom

For the new mom, comfort and practicality are key...but it doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. A robe is a perfect gift especially when it's in an oh-so-soft machine washable fabric. Add a little femininity with lace details or keep things simple with a kimono cut, but make sure its a style she feels great in. If you want to splurge or save, the below styles are excellent options.

The Toddler Mom

Every woman needs a classic purse that's easy to wear and matches everything. It's time to ditch that diaper bag for something that can keep up with a little one on the go. We both own the Buxton tote, and it's a great all-purpose bag at an incredible price. Beyond the price, we love how easy it is to keep clean. Peanut butter hands--stand in fear! If you want to splurge, we have long been loyalists to Cuyana, who makes this crossbody that fits all her essentials and keeps her hands free.

The Mom Of Teens

Jewelry is always a special gift to receive. It has sentiment, stands the test of time, and is something that she can wear everyday. Now that grabby little hands are no longer a concern, spoil her with a delicate monogram necklace. Each option is available in silver or gold to suit her style and can be worn layered with multiple necklaces for a look all her own. 

The Grandmother

As cheesy as it may seem, a picture really is worth a million words. We love photo books and recommend Mosaic or Shutterfly for creating a custom album that is easy and a collectable. If that feels like a little too involved add a punch of personality and trend to her wardrobe with a scarf or wrap--bonus points if the grandkids help to wrap it or sign the card.

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Going Green: Organic Beauty Makeup Bag Must-Haves


Here at Canvas, we've spent a lot of time talking about organic beauty over the past few months. Collectively, Kimberly and I have probably tried out a dozen different products to see what's a fave and what's a flop. Today, we are sharing the best and brightest of the bunch. 

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Megan: I have what was described to me as "thick, combination skin." Which basically means that after years of sun damage and using products that were harsh, my skin has developed a tough outer layer. Many exfoliations later, my skin is getting its glow back and these 3 products are helping to keep it that way.
  1. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser- this cleaners is ideal for all skin types, especially those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles.
    Pros: It's a cleanser and toner in one, which takes a step out of my beauty regime.

    Cons: My skin does feel a bit tighter after washing with it, so I only use once a day and make sure to add extra moisturizer.

    The Verdict: I really like the brand, but find this cleanser plus toner to be too drying on my skin. Next time I will opt for just their cleanser.


  1. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek- a two-in-one lip and cheek stain, each shade is formulated with nourishing organic ingredients and raw mineral pigments.
    Pros: The colors are super-saturated (we tried Beloved) and it stays on the cheeks almost all day, requiring minimal touch-up.

    Cons: A little goes a long way, so it takes a little trial and error. If your skin is dry, you'll notice that it doesn't apply as evenly on your cheeks.

    The Verdict: Once you get the hang of how to apply, it is great! I think this little pot will last me a long time, but am excited to try out some of their other colors.

  2. Vapour Illusionist Concealer- light reflecting minerals boost brightening while Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus helps soothe, calm and protect the skin.
    Pros: It offers medium coverage that glides on and blends easily, covering any dark circles under my eyes.

    Cons: I notice that I need to reapply midway through the day. If you adda a pressed powder on top, it will last a bit longer.

    The Verdict: We aren't a match made in heaven. I will opt for another brand next time.

Kimberly: Most women have a few items that they couldn't live without in their beauty bag, for me its a great mascara, blush and soft foundation. I much prefer a natural look to makeup and less is certainly more--make up should enhance your beauty not cover it. I'm slowly trying to convert my makeup bag to natural products, below are the ones making the cut.



1. W3ll People Expressionist Mascara- I researched several natural mascaras before trying out this one. Not only is it highly recommended, it received beauty awards from Elle and Allure.

Pros: The applicator brush is a dream and I never struggle with blobs of messy product. The mascara is very buildable and leaves your lashes soft and flexible.

Cons: By the end of the day I am on raccoon watch, but a damp cloth quickly cleans up any residue. This product washes away with soap and water but it does take some scrubbing, I prefer to use a gel makeup remover to take it all away.

The Verdict: May repurchase, but curious to try the Lily Lolo Mascara next round. It was my second choice in researching and make smudge less at the end of the day.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr Blush- I first started using Tarte products when working at Sephora headquarters. Branded as "high-performance naturals" they offer a full spectrum of beauty products, but my favorite are their eyeshadows and blushes.

Pros: The color options are wonderful, very natural looking and easy to blend. There is a slight sparkle but the application is soft and easy to build on.

Cons: Although this is called a 12hr blush I think 6-8hrs is more accurate. I often apply more in the morning or retouch midday so it lasts all day long.

The Verdict: It's a keeper! I've used this blush in Blushing Bride for who years and love the natural rosy glow.

3. Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation- After switching to a new daily sunscreen I've noticed I need a little more foundation cover to avoid the over dewy look. Instead of going back to a translucent talc-based powder I decided to try this as a natural option.

Pros: Reduced shine while adding a soft finish that wears well throughout the day.

Cons: Easy to over apply and look ashy. Blending is key.

The Verdict: I'll be trying something new next time.