Travel Style Take 2: What to Pack for a 10 day Trip

How Do You Travel With Less AND With Style

I've helped many clients over the years pack the perfect travel wardrobe. It's part science and part art. Many people err on the side of fear and plan for too many unknowns or add a few extra things at the last minute (does that sound familiar?). I have developed the opposite problem--perhaps being too minimal in my travel wardrobe.


Make Your Own Rules

I believe less is more and when you have an action packed schedule, clutter only holds you back. Last summer I blogged about what I discovered traveling with less. While I loved the ease of packing up an going, there were a few times when my uniform felt, well boring. This year I pulled Megan in to help me pack and counter balance my urge to purge. Even as I write this, I already cut three items in the photo above to lighten my load (no workout gear and no floral dress). However, on this trip I will only be gone for 10 days (not 15 like before) covering two countries. I have the space to keep a few extra options.

Skip The Bulky Clothing


The one draw back for me was including a few bulky pieces to pack. The one shoulder crew shirt packs a punch but doesn't save space. To offset this I nixed the floral dress (not versatile enough and too bulky with lining) and made sure the other tops I chose were very compact and light weight. 

Pack Evening Wear

Last year I learned that in warmer climates, a change of clothes in the evening is a lifesaver to keep fresh (I blogged about it here). This trip I packed a few evening pieces--most were worn --but running back to the airbnb nightly rarely happened (there was too much to see). What I loved was wearing my jumpsuit or a dress for the day and packing my espadrilles in a bag to dress up my look at night. 

Pro Tip: When packing and you're tight on space roll your clothing and utilize packing cubes. They'll keep you organized on the go and save space and time by eliminating the daily repack.

The Packing List--My Equation

Shoes (3)

Dresses (2)

Jumpsuit (1) 

Bottoms (4)

Layers (5)

Tops (5)

Accessories (5)


Stay Stylish,