How to Travel in Style - While Staying Comfy


If you've been following along on our Instagram Stories, you know that I spent this past week in NYC. Some people think I am crazy, but if I am flying anywhere that takes more than 4 hours to get to, I always book a red eye. My rationale is that I'd rather spend the time on the plane sleeping and have a full day when I land. But regardless of how long the flight it, I have one firm rule when it comes to travel - always dress comfy

My Go-To Red Eye Look

I find figuring out what to wear on a plane to sometimes be trickier than planning what to pack. I'll be honest, I want to look nice when I land and also feel presentable at the airport. That said, there have been a few overnight flights where I have defaulted to leggings and a hoodie. But over the past few years, I've managed to come up with a formula for staying comfortable without sacrificing style while traveling.

How to Create a Comfy Travel Outfit


1. Invest in a good, soft pant - Whether it's a black ponte pant or elevated joggers (these Alexander Wang satin joggers have been my go-to for years), find a pant that is comfortable. I prefer an elastic weight for longer flights.

2. Wear layers - Plans are notoriously chilly (or freezing!). I like to head to the airport in a coat, long sleeved cotton shirt and a sweater. That way I can peel off layers once I am inside the terminal and wrap up again after take-off.


3. Bring an oversized scarf - This is the key to any travel look. First, an oversized scarf looks fabulous wrapped around any outfit. Second, it can double as a blanket if you are taking a red eye.

4. Skip the heels for statement flats - a white sneaker, studded flat or printed slip-on is the way to go when it comes to what to wear to travel. They are easy to take on an off and can elevate a basic outfit with some interest.  

5. Don't forget socks - if you are someone that just feels better in a stacked boot or heel, than go for it! Just remember to pack a cozy pair of socks in your purse to put on once you are situated in your seat. Otherwise, by hour #2 your feet are not going to be happy in your shoe!

This is the exact outfit that I wore on the plane to NYC - and once again the outfit was perfect. So go ahead, and create the version that reflects your style. And most of all, have fun!

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Outfit details: Chloe cashmere sweater ( similar ), Alexander Wang satin joggers ( similar ),  Sam Edelman satin slip-on sneakers

Outfit details: Chloe cashmere sweater (similar), Alexander Wang satin joggers (similar), Sam Edelman satin slip-on sneakers