How To Elevate Your Basics For Fall


Today, Devon is taking over the blog to share how to easily elevate your everyday basics for fall.

Stay Stylish,
M, K & D

As much as I love fashion, there are days when I just want to wear my favorite t-shirt and jeans. If I’m in one of these moods but still have places to go and people to see, I’ll throw on an unexpected jacket.

Make a Statement

Printed and colorful outerwear will be everywhere this fall. Give your simple staples a wardrobe refresh with something fun and unexpected. A statement coat can make even the laziest of fashionistas look effortlessly cool.

Experiment With a Detailed Jacket


I love this boho jacket's fringe detail and texture. Can you believe I got this at Target? (and it comes in plus sizes too!) This unique piece works great as a light jacket or unexpected blazer. Experiment with your coat-- they are more versatile than you’d think!

Choose Classic Accessories

Accessories are always a fun way to amp up a basic ensemble, but sometimes less can be more. Balance your bold outerwear with timeless accessories. A simple heel, watch or handbag let the real statement piece shine. 

Posted on October 10, 2017 and filed under Stylish Living, Women.