Father's Day: A Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages


In preparation for Father's Day, we decided to take a cue from our Mother's Day blog and share our favorite gift ideas for the guys. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for - if they want it that badly they usually end up just buying it for themselves. This year we dug into our digital shopping closet to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite man.

Stay Stylish,

The New Dad

Since sleep may be elusive, his world may now need an alarm clock that doesn't cry. Keep feedings organized and biometrics in check with a smart watch. There are many options on the market right now at different price points. If you like to do a little more research, check out the best bets for 2018.

Protip: Make sure to look at the price to replace watchbands, which can get worn over time.

The Toddler Dad

Once the toddler years start, he is going to be running after his little one a lot! Give dad the gift of comfort, with some style thrown in, with these easy to wear, easy to care, clothes and accessories that will hold up to a day of playing at the park, running around the house, or chasing a now-walking toddler.

The Dad of Teens

Once his little girl or boy hits the teenage years, a few grey hairs start to arrive as dad prepares for later curfews, kids learning to drive, and (gasp!) dating! Give him the gift of pampering and help him get ahead of any worry lines that may start to settle in. Dads can't help it... they worry because they love you!

The Grandfather

Grandfather's come in all shapes, sizes, and interests. The cool thing about seeing your own parents cross this threshold is how it can bring out a side that you don't have a memory of. Time is precious, and although you may have a few resisters, jotting down his life lessons is a great keepsake that will mean more than a ball cap or polo (but those are always great back ups). For older grandkids-this is a great project to do together.