A Tale of Two Trenches: The Color Pop Coat

If there is one PERFECT coat for San Francisco living Megan and I both agree it is the trench. While a down or leather jacket come in a close second, the versatility of the trench is perfect for our turn on a dime weather. 

More rain is in the forecast this week so we thought it was a natural topic to talk about. Guy's if you missed our post about all weather attire be sure to see below. 

Choosing the right starter trench is personal but look for a well made jacket that is lined, water repellant and a length that works for you (we prefer a knee length). While a classic color is a great investment (Megan will talk about that on Friday) I like the idea of having a pop of color to brighten up a gray day.  

Stay Stylish,



Posted on January 18, 2017 and filed under Style Stories.