Case of the Counterfeit: Why We Say No To Fast Fashion

On Monday we blogged about our girl-crush on Future Glory designer and all-around awesome female entrepreneur Theresa Lee. So you can imagine how upset we were to see that Forever21 knocked off two of Future Glory's Bags.

Here is an example of one knock off.  Future Glory's Rockwell bag

The Temptation of a Cheap Thrill Has A Cost

We thought this is a perfect example to share why we don't promote fast fashion. While the slim price tags and on-trend styles can be tempting, fast fashion ultimately is taking money away from people who put a lot of time, energy and heart into designing products they love. And in the case of Future Glory, who gives a percentage of each purchase to local women's charities, it's taking money away from our community.

Knowledge Is Power: Know What You Buy

Now to be clear, we aren't perfect and have bought the impulse piece from H&M or Forever21 in the past. But the more we've learned, the more we've stayed away. The True Cost is an incredible documentary about the effects fast fashion has on people, communities and our environment. It's available on Netflix and you won't regret watching it.

Design inspiration is part of fashion and the creative process, but putting your name on someone's exact design is shameful. And to our friend Theresa - they say that imitation if the highest form of flattery, but we say Keep It Real and purchase with power.

Stay Stylish,