Summer Sun Story: How to Stay Stylish and Protected

Megan and I are big advocates for protecting your skin from sun damage which causes skin cancer and premature aging.  Living in San Francisco it is easy to forget that even though our summers are not full of sunshine, we are still susceptible to its rays.

Here are some of our favorite products this season that are good for you and keep you looking cool in and out of the sun.

Stay Stylish,



The Base Coat- We love the simple goodness of SuperGoop. An oil-free, water-resistant daily-use sunscreen with SPF 50 designed to defend skin from photoaging and dehydration in addition to environmental stressors. This kit covers you from head to toe and is perfectly sized to toss in your beach bag or keep in your car.

SuperGoop Day to Day Set, $45

Eye Got You- The newest addition to the Aspire Eyewear collection is every bit sleek as it is comfortable. It's important to invest in eyewear that will protect your eyes from UVB/UVA rays.  These lightweight specs also come with an option to use your own prescription, so you will be in the clear with sharp vision in the sun.

Aspire Famous Sunglasses, 

Cover Your Head-Though not a technical UPF product, hats of all types have been a popular accessory the last few years.  Jump on the trend while shielding your scalp and hair. The functionality of both of these Unisex styles are perfect for adding a little flare to your beach look.

Goorin Summertime, $90


UPF Clothing- This category has come a LONG way in aligning to current fashion trends. Rashguards have been growing in popularity among all ages. They can be worn in and out of the water and are breathable and sweat-wicking. For UPF clothing out of the water, we love the soft comfort of SPFAddict shirts for men and women. 

Athleta Pacifica UPF Hoodie $59