Update: Our First Deliveries From Rent The Runway & Le Tote

Since it's mid-week and we are almost through the second week of February, we thought it'd be a good time to give you a quick update on how our experiences with online shopping services have been going. (As you may remember, we are focusing on technology and fashion for the month of February.)

Kimberly joined Rent the Runway Unlimited and I joined Le Tote. They are both subscription-based clothing rental services that allow you clothing and accessories delivered to your door unlimited times a month. All of the items are gently worn and when you are finished you send them back for new items. Rent the Runway has more high-end brands and you get 3 pieces in each delivery. Le Tote is mid-range brands and you get 5 items in a package. 


After getting our first packages, we are both feeling a little disappointed. Kimberly had a tough time finding items that she wanted in her first delivery. Let's correct that -- she found items, but they were all out of stock in her size. The dress she received wasn't the right fit and she didn't love the top, which wasn't seasonal. On the plus side, the bracelet she picked out is a hit and she is currently in New York for Fashion Week and rocking it!

As for me, my 5 pieces felt random and didn't create a cohesive outfit (which is often a complaint we hear from clients who use services like this). The skirt was cute, but I didn't have a top to match it. The blouse they sent felt like poor quality and it felt weird to be wearing earrings that someone else had already worn. That said, I loved the black Sanctuary pants that I received and plan to purchase them from Le Tote.

We are both excited to see what our second packages bring. Stay tuned...

Happy Wednesday,

Posted on February 10, 2016 and filed under Stylish Living.