Days 4-6: Red, White, Blue... and Black

Happy Monday! After a fun-filled holiday weekend it was definitely hard to pull myself out of bed this morning. Short on time to get to the Canvas Monday meeting, it was actually nice to have a small clothing selection to pull from. I went with a long black maxi dress and amped it up with lots of accessories, including my favorite vintage studded belt that used to belong to my Nana, a Goorin Bros fedora, a bright scarf (it's really a sarong) and comfy Calvin Klein flats. 

31 Days of Style Challenge, Day 6 Outfit for Megan

So it's been almost a full week and here are my top 3 take-aways from the challenge. 

1. Too many neutrals. I thought I was doing myself a favor by picking a lot of black and white pieces, but I am missing color and prints! It's summer and I want to feel fun and airy. Instead all of this black is weighing me down. 

2. You always want what you can't have. Knowing a certain pieces isn't part of my 31 items only makes me want to wear it more. When choosing, I went with things I wear most often that I thought I could mix and match easily. What I didn't take into account were those off-beat pieces that I don't wear often (have you seen my kimono), but have fun with every so often. Guess they will have to wait until August.

3. The selfie struggle is real. One of the hardest parts of this challenge has been capturing the outfits in a photo everyday. There's a reason I like being "behind the scenes" in fashion. I have definitely had to push myself out of my comfort zone with taking my daily pictures.

And now... a recap of my outfits from days 4-6

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