Winter Detox: When It's Time to Take a Beauty Breather


Last Winter I had a scary realization -- I hadn't had nail polish free toes for any length of time in the last five+ years. Megan and I have blogged a bit about natural or healthier options for manicure and pedicures in the past, but any sustained use simply isn't the best option.

This past Spring the buffed manicure was a popular look on runways and we are hoping it will return in 2018. In the meantime, this winter we are both giving our nails a breather and sporting the "natural" mani/pedi look. 

Perhaps it's our commitment to living a simpler 2018, but recharging our beauty routines and refining things feels liberating. How can you reset for the next month or two and focus on taking care of your deeper health? Read on for a few tips to help you jumpstart a minimal beauty routine.

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Healthy Nails Need Nourishment


Dry winter weather can strip your skin, hair, and nails from their natural moisture leading to breakage. To keep your nails looking their best sans-polish here are a few tips:

  • Consider starting with a "Princess" Mani/Pedi. This service is just like a normal mani/pedi but nails are buffed without polish. It can be a great way to kick off a clean look
  • Always have your favorite water bottle full and ready to re-hydrate
  • Consider taking Vitamin D & Biotin supplements
  • Re-Moisturize hands and nail beds for conditioning after showering and at bedtime
  • Limited prolonged hot water exposure (aka get ready to sport some cute dish gloves)
  • Keep nails trimmed or filed to a short length to avoid breakage or ripping

Baby Your Feet

Chances are someone you know has mentioned Baby Foot to you. It is a foot peeling mask made with botanicals and natural ingredients. You soak your feet for 15 minutes. After one week, the skin on your feet begins to peel, getting rid of calluses and dead skin. If you are planning to let your toes "breathe" over winter and go sans polish, you may want to treat your feet to a little pampering too. Buyer be warned: you will want to wear socks and keep your feet hidden for at least a week while the peeling process takes place!

If You Must Polish, Go Non-Toxic

If keeping your nails polish-free isn't an option, we recommend that you opt for non-toxic nail polish that doesn't contain the harsh chemicals that are in conventional polishes. Non-toxic polishes are made without formaldehyde, formaldehye resin, camphor, toluene, and dibutyl (yes, these all live in regular polishes). While they do come with a slightly higher price tag, the benefits are well worth the extra money. 

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