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Spring Trends and DIY Vision Boards

Despite the cold temperatures, we already have spring on our mind at the Canvas office. To prep for the upcoming change in season, Spring trends, and a new year Kimberly and I took a rainy morning this week to get crafty.

What is a Vision Board? 

Similar to the Trend Boards Kimberly and I created in Fashion school--a vision board is a collection of images that are linked to a bigger concept. For this project we used one side of the board for business goals and exciting trends and the other side for images relating to personal goals in 2017. 

Why Vision Boarding Works

Not only are vision boards a creative way to spark inspiration, they're also a good way to visually organize your thoughts and reinforce your goals for a new season. 

How To Create Your Own Vision Board

1. Set aside at least an hour or two to work on your board in a creative environment. Whether its a solo project or gathering a group of friends for a party make it FUN!

2. Use magazines, cards, photos or anything to represent the experience, emotions or item you love (i.e. that great handbag you've been saving for). Include anything that inspires and motivates you to adopt something new this year.

3. Keep your final board posted somewhere in your home for a daily reminder of what you want and where you are going!

Stay Stylish,