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Fall Fashion: The Wrap Shawl

Wrap Up For Fall

If there's one accessory we recommend for this time of year, it's a good wrap or oversized scarf.

This year the wrap is a great statement maker and a lighter weight alternative to a cape.

Incredibly versatile, you can wear it with your favorite jacket for a daytime look or alone draped over your shoulders for the evening. Add a few pins or a broach to keep it closed while adding personalization.

Tips for Layering With a Scarf

There aren't many rules when it comes to layering with an oversized scarf, but our guidance is watch the volume. Keep the folds low (away from your face) and off center. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the weight of a wrap shawl, so be mindful of what you are wearing under--a sleek knit or silk top work best. Save your chunky sweaters for another look.

Finding the Best Wrap For You

While a plaid like the one pictured is always a timeless print, feel free to go bold by mixing in fun patterns or bright colors. For a more minimalistic look, go for a sharp black or crisp white. 

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Here's a breakdown of the pieces: 

Photo credit: Kimberly Gant

Posted on October 31, 2016 and filed under Style Stories.

What to Wear For Fall In SF- And How To Bring Summer With You

September Issues are out--and for those of you not in fashion that means retailers will be gearing up strong with racks full of the latest trends.  

Megan and I decided that although we are ready for a new season, we wanted to ease into it slowly--knowing that our notorious "SF Indian Summer" is weeks away.

So, how do you start to embrace Fall without committing to heavy sweaters and tall boots? We set out to strike a balance and merge what we have with a few new fall statement pieces.  

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Megan's Picks:

I wear my favorite denim all year long... yes, even my white jeans! Navy is one of my favorite colors and I always like to pair it with lighter shades. For this Fall, I am channeling softer fabrics and more feminine silhouettes complemented by masculine jackets.

Megan is wearing:

Megan is wearing:

My favorite vintage ring from my Nana.

My favorite vintage ring from my Nana.

Kimberly's picks:

Fall is my favorite season for color, because I can wear the majority of the shades. Cashmere, velvet, tweed all speak to a crisp and cozy season.  To prepare for the shift into fall, I chose a few new key pieces to add to my existing wardrobe that layer well.


Kimberly is wearing:

  • Bloomingdale's Cold Shoulder Cashmere Turtleneck - Playing with trend and color this sweater is a wear now enjoy later staple. Perfect for the office with a blazer or casual with jeans.
  • GAP Girlfriend Jeans carry-over from summer (similar)
  • Leopard Print Flats (similar) -Reintroducing a staple, leopard print is back this fall
  • Kate Spade Watch carry-over from summer (similar)
  • Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote carry-over from summer (similar)

Kimberly is wearing:

More of our Fall favorites:

A special thanks to Kelsey Johnson, our photographer on site for capturing our story beautifully and keeping things fun between the snaps.


Moto Jacket Love

I know that it is summer. I know that we should be dreaming of swimsuits and maxi dresses. But this past weekend I was out pulling for a client and fell in love... with a leather jacket. Meet Theory's Sahral Leather Moto in a delicious deep navy blue. I realized that I couldn't live without it and spent the weekend tracking it down in my size (thank you Bloomingdales Century City!). 

Theory Sahral Leather Moto Jacket

Theory Sahral Leather Moto Jacket

We always advise clients to invest in pieces that they love rather than fast fashion items that won't last. Sometimes it is hard to hold off until you find that special something. But as I was reminded this weekend, it's worth the wait to find a piece you will love for years!


Posted on June 7, 2015 .