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90's Revival: How To Make Old Trends New

Grab your plaid blazers and mini skirts because the 90’s are back! Walking through all of the major department stores this season, we can’t help but be transported back to the era when silk slip dresses, combat boots, and oversized blazers ruled.

If you’ve already lived it once, you may not be quite ready to repeat that decade. But there are ways to reinterpret trends to suit your own personal style. See our favorites from the late 80’s to classic 90’s below!

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Plaid Mini Skirt

Left: Cher from Clueless, 1995 Right, Fall 2018 BB Dakota

Left: Cher from Clueless, 1995
Right, Fall 2018 BB Dakota

How to wear it now:

While we love a coordinated outfit, there is not need to go full “Clueless” with the plaid jacket and skirt. Instead, pair your mini with a crisp white blouse or an oversized sweater (we love this Treasure and Bond option). If your mini skirt days ended in the 90’s, try a knee length pencil skirt instead with sleek heels or booties.

Slip Dress

Left: Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City 1994 Right:   CAMI NYC     Sandra Flounced Silk Slip Dress

Left: Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City 1994
Right: CAMI NYC Sandra Flounced Silk Slip Dress

How to wear it now:

A simple slip dress can be timelessly elegant. For a sleek day-to-night look, try pairing a silk midi dress is with structured blazer and heels. Another option is to layer a T-shirt or thin knit top underneath. Not only does it provide another layer to keep you warm in cooler month, but the base layer helps silky straps stay in place. 


How to wear it now:

Work it girl, but loose the oversized shoulders and bulky shoulder pads. Today’s plaid sport coat is designed for a woman’s build while embodying classic menswear details. Give the look a fresh statement by pairing the jacket with trim trousers and mule shoes or an accordion skirt and pumps.

How to wear it now:

Skip the sportswear look and update it with a leather version a la the belt bag. Granted the classic nylon fanny pack has made a comeback with some designers, we prefer the versatility of these little bags. Wear it around your waist at a concert or doing errands and then convert it to a mini shoulder bag or clutch at night. It’s a great way to play with the trend and not fully commit to it. Bloomingdales has a great assortment right now at investment and steal prices so you have no excuse not to try one yourself. Our other favorites include the budget friendly Street Level and Elizabeth and James.

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Wear It Again: Repeating A Classic Silhouette

"Save the Dates" are in for the summer and we all sat down to review our closets and start outfit planning. Instead of shopping for the perfect dress to wear to our next wedding or formal event, this year we've decided to use what we already have and shop our closets. 

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Shop Your Closet

Last week Devon shared her "wear now and later" vintage shopping look. This week Megan and I are taking the same cue and reaching for that dress in the back of our closets. We know you have one too--that dress you've held on to for years, love, but for one reason or another never wear. This post is for you friend!

Classic Silhouettes

The pieces that have lasted the longest in my wardrobe have been the classic ones. However, there are a few contradictions with staying power. This floral black slip dress, is one of them. I've kept it part for nostalgia (I brought it to Italy when I was studying there in college) and part because I love the romantic design. With the slip dress silhouette now back in fashion, I decided to bring it out of the archives.

Re-Think & Re-Style

This dress is the perfect thing for an afternoon wedding, but could I wear it on date night? With two quick adjustments the look is easy enough to wear for a night out. For a casual and modern spin on this look, I added my leather moto jacket, a double buckle belt and blush velvet flats. While slip dresses are traditionally famous for their straight lines, I liked adding a little contrast and definition to the silhouette. So, your turn--pull that dress out of the closet and give it some love again!


Pro Tip: To get out of the box, take two opposite items in your closet and pair them together (like a fitted blazer with your flowy maxi). You will begin to see new options!