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Celebrating Spring In Technicolor: What Colors to Invest in This Year


Last week, on another very rainy day, Megan and I headed down to Palo Alto. We decided to take the morning to visit the large Anthropologie near Stanford and find inspiration for a new season. We'll share more on that trip and the other reason behind the visit in a later blog.

Today, we are talking about COLOR! In the past we have blogged about the top Pantone colors of the season and guided all of you in what colors to invest in. This spring, we are letting the clothes do the talking. There are so many refreshing pops of brights this year that winter already feels like a distant memory.

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Find A Hue For You

Snappy orange, powder blue, and mustard yellow are all popular colors this season. Brights are sometimes tough to master, but I know this bright orange-red works with my coloring.

Start with a shade that gives you a natural glow. Everyone has different undertones to their coloring. Being aware of this, and what shades work well with that undertone will make shopping easier. For example, I know colors autumn colors make me look energized and dusty ones cannot hide a lack of sleep (without some coverup). 

ProTip: Add brights slowly and pair with a neutral. I.e. Bright orange looks great with navy, camel, white or grey. Avoid wearing this specific shade with black for the sharp contrast.


Add A Fun Print

I feel like we constantly talk about florals on this blog, but the fashion world keeps on serving up more. This season vintage-inspired florals are popular and I fell in love with this 1950s rose print denim skirt. It reminds me of a skirt I had in elementary school, so I suppose there is a strong nostalgia factor. If florals are not for you try a happy polka dot or fruity colorful stripe both are also popular this year.


Experiment With The Unexpected

It was fun playing with this skirt and exploring different combinations available in store. Since it is still chilly in most of the country, my natural choice was trying the skirt with a cozy turtleneck sweater. Megan found this piece and I'm now kicking myself for not picking it up since it is sold out online. Retail lesson: Buy what you love, and double check the price tag when you see it.

To change the look and push the skirt toward evening or a party, I swapped out the orange components with pieces with a little more lux. After a quick trip to the sale section, I paired the skirt with a burgundy suede sandal and gold metallic blouse (see the look below). 




Our Favorites:

IMG_5689 2.jpg

Outfit Details: Maeve Denim Pencil Skirt, Orange Cashmere sweater, Anthropologie Pommed Heeled Sandals, my own Madewell Necklace


Fashion's Blue Fall: What 2016 Trend Colors Can Signal In Fashion

A shot from's a/w 16 campaign

A shot from's a/w 16 campaign

Is it the economy, the upcoming election, or world affairs that have this season's color palette looking a little serious?

What to Invest In Now

Believe it or not, we often notice the correlation between what is going on in stores with what is happening outside. Whether to speak to the buyer's mindset or find comfort in their own creations, designers have kept things simple in their chosen shades this season along with a hefty dose of nostalgic style. 

In the upcoming week we will be breaking down the major trends for Fall 2016, but today we're shedding a little light on what colors you'll see in stores and which ones you should be investing in.

The Most Popular Shades of Fall 2016

What are the top shades designers have included in their Fall 2016 collections? This article from WWD gives a good overview of what Pantone colors designers invested in most. 

Many of autumn's dusty shades have carried over from spring, so you will have more cross-over than usual and can readily repurpose key pieces for fall. The majority of the season's colors are grounded earth tones and neutrals--so think of these pieces as your non-black basics.


How Colors Are Chosen

Curious how fashion shades come to be? You may have heard of Pantone before, but this quick and informative video from NY Mag explains how colors are forecasted.

There is a lot more that goes into selecting trend colors than you may think.  Each chosen color influences the design field as a whole. For example, Riverside blue, the top shade of the season may show up in your favorite t-shirt and tea cup this year.

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Spring 2016 Pantone Colors- What to add to your wardrobe this year

graphic by   @Alison Vinciguerra

Whether you are surviving the Polar Vortex or enjoying a balmy El Nino Spring, new collections will be on their way to stores soon!  To help inspire you on what new shades to invest in we've created a Pinterest Board with a breakdown of the top new colors will be in stores this spring.

This year the color palette focuses on tranquil calming shades infused with a few happy candy colored pops. Here is a link to our Pinterest Board to explore more.

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Top Five Pantone Colors Used in 2016 Collections according to WWD:

1. Rose Quartz 13-1520 Percentage of designers who used this color: 22.55
“This really is a beautiful pink that will radiate well on the skin for women as well as men,” Eiseman said.

2. Peach Echo 16-1548 Percentage of designers who used this color: 19.87
Peach Echo is a very warm, friendly and accessible color,” Eiseman said.

3. Serenity 15-3919 Percentage of designers who used this color: 15.86
“As the name suggests, Serenity is a calming color that plays to the whole idea that we know we’re still living in turbulent times.” Eiseman said.

4. Snorkel Blue 19-4049 Percentage of designers who used this color: 15.21
Eiseman said this shade is “meant to be a bit more fun, less serious than navy, and serve as one of the anchor colors for the spring palette.”

5. Buttercup 12-0752 Percentage of designers who used this color: 11.45
“Buttercup is all about sunlight, happiness and cheer — ” Eiseman said.

To read the full of the WWD Article click here.


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