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Little Tokens Of Love: Mother's Day Gifts for All Ages


Mother's Day seems to have snuck up on us this year! As Kimberly and I have shared in the past, we are close to our moms and always like to treat them on Mother's Day.

So, what do you get the woman who deserves it all? Finding the perfect gift for mom can sometimes be tricky. This year, we have put together our guide for gifting to moms of all ages and stages.

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The New Mom

For the new mom, comfort and practicality are key...but it doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. A robe is a perfect gift especially when it's in an oh-so-soft machine washable fabric. Add a little femininity with lace details or keep things simple with a kimono cut, but make sure its a style she feels great in. If you want to splurge or save, the below styles are excellent options.

The Toddler Mom

Every woman needs a classic purse that's easy to wear and matches everything. It's time to ditch that diaper bag for something that can keep up with a little one on the go. We both own the Buxton tote, and it's a great all-purpose bag at an incredible price. Beyond the price, we love how easy it is to keep clean. Peanut butter hands--stand in fear! If you want to splurge, we have long been loyalists to Cuyana, who makes this crossbody that fits all her essentials and keeps her hands free.

The Mom Of Teens

Jewelry is always a special gift to receive. It has sentiment, stands the test of time, and is something that she can wear everyday. Now that grabby little hands are no longer a concern, spoil her with a delicate monogram necklace. Each option is available in silver or gold to suit her style and can be worn layered with multiple necklaces for a look all her own. 

The Grandmother

As cheesy as it may seem, a picture really is worth a million words. We love photo books and recommend Mosaic or Shutterfly for creating a custom album that is easy and a collectable. If that feels like a little too involved add a punch of personality and trend to her wardrobe with a scarf or wrap--bonus points if the grandkids help to wrap it or sign the card.

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Mothers Of Influence: San Franciscian Style Makers

At Canvas we love helping other's tell their style story. For our first "Canvas" Mother's Day, we shared with you stories about the women who most significantly influenced our sense of style from an early age.

This year we wanted to take that idea and ask this same question to a few local San Franciscan bloggers with impeccable taste who inspire us daily. A big THANKS to all who shared and we hope you enjoy their stories as much as we do!  

Photo Courtesy of Aferdita on her wedding day with her elegant mother

Photo Courtesy of Aferdita on her wedding day with her elegant mother

Aferdita Södervall

Afredita is the lovely face of Instagram's A new mom and newer transplant to the Bay Area, she has plenty of style to share. We love following her fresh take on outfitting with a little one and are inspired by her daily snaps around the city.

We were touched by Afredita's candid sharing of living so far from her own mom as she discovers motherhood in San Francisco. 

"My mother has always been very certain of her style and that has given me confidence to trust my own sense of style. She also taught me that one should not try to be someone else when dressing, but rather emphasize their true personality through her clothes. "

Photo Courtesy of Allergic To Vanilla: Carlina rocking our favorite feminine cool look.

Photo Courtesy of Allergic To Vanilla: Carlina rocking our favorite feminine cool look.

Carlina Harris
Allergic to Vanilla

There are trends and there are trend setters. Carlina Harris certainly falls into the latter bunch.

We love the sophistication and ease of her style that always has a dash of the unexpected. Perhaps it's her genuinely grounded personality that makes everything work. How does she walk the line so well, maybe it's genetic? 

"My mom has always inspired me from how she used to dress when I was a little girl, to when she'd dress my sister and I in the same getups she would sew herself. Fashion was always something I looked up to with her. I loved her boho glam style in the 70's."

Devon with her fun loving mama traveling

Devon with her fun loving mama traveling

Devon Bert is our new Junior Stylist. Don't let her sweet smile fool you, she is one fierce stylist and bargain shopper! We love Devon's fresh take on local fashion as she settles into west coast living.

Where did she hone her style skills? Her mom has been a great style influencer. Devon balances her creativity with practicality.

"Growing up shopping with my mom, she taught me the importance of classic silhouettes. The staple pieces in my wardrobe that I mix with my funkier vintage items are definitely inspired by her advice. "

Photo Courtesy of Chasing Kendal: Kendall in one of her casual-cool outfits.

Photo Courtesy of Chasing Kendal: Kendall in one of her casual-cool outfits.

Kendall Chase
Chasing Kendall

One of the things that we love about Kendall is that when it comes to fashion and life, she is having FUN! Whether she's showing off her fearless fashion or where to get a great cocktail, Kendall's blog is full of infectious energy. Plus, she is as nice as she is stylish!

When we saw her Insta stories last weekend about her early Mother's Day trip to Napa, we knew these two had a serious bond and couldn't wait to hear more!

"My mom influenced my style because she was always very receptive to anything I felt like putting on. She embraced my individuality, and didn't stifle it. Constantly encouraging me to “express my individuality” (even if that meant wearing gross baggy sweats to high school or a full leopard bodysuit to elementary school for a whole month straight - no lie!) allowed me to be different and cultivate my unique style… not to mention her closet full of sartorial treasures. Anything she didn’t want anymore or outgrew I snagged! Some of these pieces are staples in my wardrobe today, which I then mix with my own new flavor."

Photo Courtesy of The Tropicanyon: Ryan and His Gorgeous Mama

Photo Courtesy of The Tropicanyon: Ryan and His Gorgeous Mama

Ryan Castañeda
The Tropicanyon

Ryan is our daily dose of inspiration walking through Union Square. You likely have seen his genius creations gracing the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Ryan shares a special bond with his mama that we heard about as soon as we met. His eye for color and vintage mixing is on point. Check out his Tumblr feed here to see more. How does Ryan's mom influence his sense of style?

"Her free spirited personality and love of combining decades past with the present heavily inspired my style, it's very much alive within me when I style each and every morning. She's also always worn her beautiful blonde hair long and ever flowing which very much inspired why I wear mine long as well. As a child I always wanted to have the cascading effect she achieved so effortlessly and glow brighter than anyone in a room. I'd say that's how she's influenced my style and why she continues to be a light in my life."

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Ladies Luncheon: Our Favorite Brunch Places to Take Mom


For Mother's Day everyone has their own tradition, but in my family, food is likely at the heart of most celebrations. Growing up, Mother's Day meant making mom breakfast.  Today this tradition continues but has evolved into treating mom to a fun spot in San Francisco.

Here are some of Megan and my favorites:

Lovejoy's Tea Room - This spot is tucked away in Noe Valley and it the perfect backdrop to catching up and sending some quality time together.  The Tea Room has a comfortable lived-in feel, is good for all ages and an tea selection is excellent.

Craftsmen and Wolves - We love this modern take on pastry and there are too many wonderful things to share. Grab some coffee or tea and make an afternoon of it.

Presidio Social Club - Nestled in Presidio National Park, PSC feels very San Francisco. If the sun is out, sit with mom on the back porch and enjoy the afternoon.

City View Dim Sum - If your mom is an adventurous eater, this is the spot for her. It's fun to choose plates from the carts as they are wheeled around. Get there early, it gets crowded!

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