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How to Wear Wide Leg Pants This Summer


Many people often misquote Mark Twain as saying "The coldest winter I ever spent, was a Summer in San Francisco." The author of this quip is unknown, but it doesn't make it any less true. Summertime can be a cruel joke in our fair city. How do you remedy this paradox with summertime style? This season, Megan and I are finding the answer in wide leg pants, culottes, and gauchos.

If your skinny and boyfriend jeans are feeling a little stale, add a silhouette change to your wardrobe mix. The wide leg pant has been creeping its way back into fashion for the past three years and we are predicting it will be a key player for at least the next two years. Now is a good time to invest or bring your old friends to the front of your wardrobe! Don't miss our selection below on some of our favorite versions at a mix of price points.

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Find A Wide Leg Designed For You

Everyone has a unique set of proportions. Finding a wide leg pant that flatters your natural shape is key. When shopping for a wide leg pant keep these points in mind:

  1. If you have a longer rise or torso choose a higher rise pant to balance your height and improve seat fit.
  2. Select a thicker fabric with body to keep the cut crisp.
  3. If you opt for a flowy wide leg pant, chose a fabric with drape for movement (no puffy pants) and a waist detail with a tie.
  4. Look for wide leg pants that slightly flare at the hem, this will accentuate your waist for a more feminine look.
  5. Consider tailoring so the pant hem hits at the most flattering point of your leg.

Balance Out A Wide Leg Pant With A Tailored Top or Sweater


Great dressing is centered around a little tension, balance and finding harmony in geometry. Wide leg pants are designed to add a pop of volume to a look.

Whether you are tall or petite the trick to pulling off the look well is balancing that volume with the other components of the ensemble. If you think of Da Vinci's Virtruvian man the center of the composition is the waistline.

To add focus to my waistline I paired my wide leg pants with a horizontal striped sweater that has a tailored banded waist. This top not only helps to visually balance me vertically but horizontally too. A tie in the back of the sweater adds a focal point and the open back is perfect for a summer day in SF.

ProTip: If you have longer legs you can move that horizontal midsection lower (think drop waist top). If you have shorter legs you can move the waistline up (high waist pant and crop top) to add vertical balance.

Pair Your Wide Leg Pants With Accessories That Elongate Your Look

Keeping with the theme of balance, accessories play an important role in pulling off a wide leg pant look. Shoes are the one thing that often stumps our clients. To elongate your legs try a wedge, heeled sandal, or low cut flat. I particularly like spectators with a wide leg pant for a Annie Hall look. For flat shoes try a nude shade to avoid breaking up your leg line further.

For your earrings, if you are wearing a crewneck top help elongate your neckline with a drop earring. If you pair your wide leg pants with a v-neck or wrap top, top off your look with studs or hoops to soften the angles.

Our Favorites:

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Our Favorite Basic Tees - Does Quality Count?

Photo: Sarah Dorweiler

Photo: Sarah Dorweiler

The key to a great flexible wardrobe is having a mix of well fitting basics and fashion pieces. The basics category should act like the back bone connecting seasonal and wow pieces. Basics help gel everything together in a cohesive way and save wear on key pieces when layering.  

Because they are such important pieces in your outfitting equation, we encourage clients to buy the best quality they can afford. Obviously if you have toddlers or are accident prone you may not need to invest in an expensive tee right now.

For California men and women, this means selecting a few t-shirts to keep looks cool and fresh. You can dress up a tee with a blazer, keep it casual with denim or layer with a sweater. They match pretty much anything and let's be honest, nothing looks better than a crisp white tee.

Here are some pointers on selecting the best quality and our favorites tees by price point.

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How To Pick Out A Quality Tee

While we don't think you need to spend $150 on a tee, we do believe you should invest in quality. Quality expands past just the name on the label. Here are 5 top things to review when picking out a tee.


1. Hand-feel - A good tee will never feel stiff or sticky. If the fabric feels soft but firm at the same time, then chances are that it is a good quality material. Prima cotton means the best and longest fibers were used so the tee won't loose its luster as quickly.

2. Weave - Always look at the weave. The tighter it is, the longer the garment will last. Also review how the tee hangs on a hanger. Does it pull to the right or left? Some tees are cut on the bias which can mean there is good drape but be wary of something that will eventually sag.

3. Transparency - Hold the shirt up to the light and see how transparent it becomes. The more transparency, then the less density. While "tissue" weight tees were in vogue (thanks J.Crew) several years ago they are less so now. Be very careful with see-through white tees. Having to layer can make the tee high maintenance and can ruin the crisp look.

4. Fabric - The fabric content is key. Many tees are a cotton blend, which means that they are a mix of materials that will wear/age differently. This is often done to improve fit, color fastness, and reduce cost (cotton can be expensive). Depending on the blend, your shirt may lose it's shape faster or pill quickly. We prefer tees that are as close to 100% cotton as possible.

5. Wrinkle test - Crumple a part of the tee in your hand and release it. If there are a lot of wrinkles remaining, then it is probably poor quality or a linen base. If there aren't any wrinkles at all then it is probably a synthetic material. Ideally, you want something between the two that can hold its shape and breathe.

Our Favorite Tees By Price Point

Under $20:
Maison Jules for Macy's ($19.50) - I always recommend these to clients. They are super soft, the perfect shaped v-neck and come in tons of seasonal colors. 

Whisper Cotton V-neck Tee ($19.50) - A great overall basic v-neck with a little pocket detail. We love that these are offered in seasonal colors.

Under $50:
Jigsaw London Pima Cotton T-Shirt ($43) - this T-shirt is made from the softest pima cotton. It has an elegant scoop neck, good weight and will last many washes.

Three Dots 3/4 Scoop Neck T-Shirt ($46)- this T-shirt is 100% combed cotton and is enzyme-washed for longevity and to prevent pilling. This brand can run a little small or true to actual sizes so consider ordering up.

Mod-o-doc Short Sleeve T-Shirt ($34)- this T-shirt is a bias cut slub (think texture) and 100% cotton. We like this brand for new mom or ladies who want a loose fit at the hips.

Luxe (over $100):
Majestic Paris ($150) - If we could only wear one shirt for the rest of our lifes, it would be Majestic Paris (sold at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales). Yes, they have a higher price point, but it is worth it! The fabric layers beautifully and feels amazing on the skin.

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NYE Style: Ring in 2018 In A Dress That POPS!


As I write this New Year's Eve dressing post, I find myself feeling a little nostalgic about the year ending. 2017 has been a great year for Canvas. We've not only grown our styling business, but also met great new colleagues in the styling word and have been blessed with clients who continue to inspire us.

Above all, we have SO much love and gratitude to our family, friends, and clients who have championed us along the way. It's not always easy balancing all aspects of the business and finding time to blog about what is inspiring us, but we are encouraged by your feedback. Our hearts are full and we love you all!

Ok, now back to the topic of this post. Read on for our easy guide to New Year's Eve style success.

Are You NYE Sparkle or NYE Simple? 

When it comes to the biggest night of the year for getting glam and living it up, there are two types of people: those who love to go big with sparkle and a fabulous party dress (Kimberly always has a swoon-worthy look) and those that prefer to lay low and watch the ball drop in comfy clothes at home with friends (yup, that's me!). This year, I decided to step it up a notch and find a happy medium between full out glam and comfortable elegance.

Find the Dress that Makes You Glow


The most important thing about dressing up is to choose something that you feel great it. The second I put on this red Solace London dress I knew it was meant to be. The fit is fabulous - they make their dresses to fit a woman's body without being too tight or uncomfortable (Kimberly blogged about this British brand this fall). I tend to feel comfortable in a longer dress, and the front slit adds movement so that it's not constricting to walk in. The red literally pops and was meant to be worn for the holidays. The high neck adds a certain sleek sophistication. In short - I knew that this was THE dress to wear to ring in the New Year.

Go Bold With Some Bling

New Year's Eve absolutely calls for a little shimmer and sparkle. I kept my usually simple hoops in my ears and thin gold chain around my wrist and decided to amp things up with my metallic silver Jigaw London clutch from last year (similar).

Always a fan of mixing silver and gold, I went for my statement vintage cocktail ring. It is actually a white egg sitting in a gold bird's nest and is fun to wear to events where I don't know a lot of people, since it's a good conversation piece. 

Try A Tuxedo Jacket

I hate to cover up a great dress, but often times find myself chilly inside events.  Rather than reach for a wrap or scarf, try adding a masculine twist to an uber feminine dress with a sharp tuxedo jacket. It adds a sleek look without compromising the integrity of the overall look. I always advise clients to drape the blazer over their shoulders for an extra hint of chic to looks oh-so-effortless. (The same can be done with a motor jacket or statement blazer) For a list of our favorite Tuxedo jackets, scroll down to the end.

Don't Shy Away From Fun & Whimsy


As I mentioned earlier, it's important to wear pieces that you feel like yourself in. For me, I always like to incorporate a bit of fun and interest into everything I wear. When Kimberly starting shooting me in this look, I hadn't even thought about wearing the faux fur leopard print jacket with it. On a whim, she had me throw it over my shoulders and suddenly everything transformed and it just felt right.

ProTip: Always push yourself to take a chance and try something different to see what registers with you. And since this is our last post of 2017, we encourage you to not only do that in style, but also in life! 

We hope you have a fabulous New Year's Eve and that 2018 brings your every dream come true!

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Our Favorite Picks

Tuxedo Jackets

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