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Keeping Cozy: Best Buys For Soft Sweaters


It may not feel like Fall with 70 degree weather in San Francisco, but in other parts of the country it is definitely sweater weather. Just because it’s warm outside, doesn’t mean we aren’t already stocking our closets with cozy sweaters so that we are prepped when the chilly temps finally arrive.

Have you noticed that this year’s sweater don’t seem quite as soft as usual? We have… and we’ve made it our mission to ditch the itch and find the softest sweaters around. Read on for our top picks and what to look for when shopping.

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Fall’s Softest Sweaters

Budget Friendly Sweaters

Splurge Worthy Sweaters

The Canvas Sweater Shopping Guide

Check the Fabrication

To cut costs, we’ve noticed more than a few brands have been shuffling the fiber content of their sweaters. The Sweater Cardigan Kimberly bought last fall has been replaced with a lighter weight “all season” one. While this is true, the reality is its no longer 100% wool but a cheaper blend.

All manufacturers are legally required to list fiber content on clothing labels, along with wash and care instructions. For sweaters you often get what you pay for. Review the fiber percentages and they will often reflect the itch factor. Longer, stronger and more valuable fibers will be reflected in a price point so invest wisely.

ProTip: Everyone has their own degree of comfort, but watch wool (non merino), alpaca, and synthetics. These will also influence the breathability --aka the heat factor.

Keep Ahead of Pilling

Lately we’ve noticed that sweaters by one of our favorite brands Vince. have not been holding up. After one wear, even the 100% cashmere styles pill. The hard truth is that most sweaters will pill a bit after initial wear, but finer quality will hold up. Excessive pilling can be a quality issue resulting from a poor fiber or production.

To avoid pilling, hand wash or dry clean your sweaters to cut down on abrasion. Also invest in a good sweater-shaver, a tool that runs over the surface of the fabric and slices the pills off. Just be sure to avoid using it too often since it can compromise the integrity of the fabric.

Invest In Trends Wisely

While we love a good fashion statement and novel trick, we recommend buying wisely when investing in sweaters. This year many of the options are boxy with overwhelming bell or lantern sleeves. While some hit high on the cool factor, we recommend limiting the investment and going with a budget friendly version (Because, really how do you type on a keyboard with these styles?!) For cashmere sweaters, we recommend opting for a classic silhouette with a modern twist. This year the deep v and roll neck collar is popular and universal enough to last a few years.

ProTip: When purchasing cashmere sweaters, consider going up a size to accommodate for garment shrink when dry cleaning.

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Changing Seasons: What to Pack Away for Fall


Megan and I often get the question from clients, “How do you dress in the Bay Area when there are no seasons?!” While it is true what we largely have two seasons in SF - Fog and No Fog - that doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a shift with the season.

Unsure what to pack away or shift to the back of your closet? Read on for our list to help you shift to a new season with ease and pack away seasonal pieces with care.

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Yes, Store Your Clothes For A Season


There are many professionals in our industry and organizational gurus who strictly direct to never packing away anything in your closet, but we support pausing pieces for a season or two (i.e. Fall/Winter). This cycling will increase the life of the garments by stretching their wear and help you to be more intentional when adding new pieces.

The Canvas Guide To Storing Your Summer Staples

Give It a Fresh Wash: Before packing anything away send it out to the dry cleaner or machine wash so that there are no stains. This also ensures that everything is fresh and ready for the following season when you take it out of storage.

Look At Fabrication: Anything that is light weight and cannot be layered under a sweater will likely not be your first pick in the morning, which is why we recommend packing away linen and light weight fabrics. By putting them away and out of sight, you can see your true choices in your closet and are less likely to always reach for the same thing.

Pro Tip: If you store your linen or summer sweaters in a box or plastic tote, slip in a paper wrapped bar of your favorite soap or sachet. Kimberly recommends picking up a set of Portuguese or Florentine soaps from World Market.


Color and Prints: It can feel tricky deciding which clothes to put away for Spring/Summer, when the weather is mostly the same all year round. We recommend packing your lighter colors and prints (pastels, bright florals, summer stripes), and leaving your jewel tones, deeper colors, and plaids for the cooler months.

Spring/Summer Accessories: Apply the pack-away strategy to your accessories. Straw sun hats, strapy sandals, and light weight scarves can be stored until your next vacation or season shift.

Pro Tip: Roll your scarves and store them in your hats. Not only will help your hats keep shapes, it will also help make the most of your storage space.

Storage Picks:


The Plaid Statement Jacket: How To Make It Yours This Fall


A few weeks ago we blogged about fall 2018 trends you’ll want to invest in. This week Kimberly is sharing what trend she is taking to her closet and how she is incorporating it in with what she already owns.

Find a Piece You Love


Last year winter I borrowed a plaid jacket from Rent the Runway to style our Beret Story and fell in love with the ba&sh Clock Coat but not the $695 price tag. Having a plaid wool coat not only added a layer of warmth but the playful print created a new set of combinations to my neutral wardrobe.

I added a plaid coat to my shopping list* and when I found a menswear inspired wool Zara coat at a French Consignment party over the summer for $25 I snatched it up. I knew come fall it would fit into my wardrobe perfectly and add a bit of freshness at a low cost.

The cut of the coat is longer and slenderizing, hitting me at just above the knee so layering underneath is easy. Many plaid jackets this year hit at the high hip which for women is often their widest spot. So, pay attention to cut, scale or print and direction for the most flattering look.

This year the Glen plaid or Prince of Wales Check is the plaid of choice. If you are petite, a small scale vertical print plaid (like the Glen Plaid) will work better on you than a large scale horizontal. If you are tall or plus size look for larger scale plaids or houndstooth. Unsure about how your plaid of choice reads? Take a selfie in the dressing room! The photo will give fast feedback on if the scale works for you.

*ProTip: Throughout the year I make a rough wardrobe shopping list and rank items in priority order from “need” to “like to have” by quarter and compare it to my budget. Having a mindful shopping list will help keep impulse purchases down and closet overflow in check.

Add Mix and Match Basics with a Twist

When wearing a printed jacket you can make the outfit all about the jacket or all about the ensemble. Because this jacket has an active print you can pair it with simple basics to showcase the details of the jacket and not detract from it. For this blog I decided to do exactly that, knowing that it would show up better on camera. However, I could have easily added a coordinating striped blouse or printed sweater to balance the power of the jacket. The trick is adding a coordinating print that is a different scale (larger or smaller than the scale of houndstooth fabric).

Pay attention to the details when selecting the right basic piece for you. I love the banded inverted collar on my Zara coat because it keeps the cut fresh and a little more modern. To mimic the modern feel I paired it with a basic camel turtleneck shell that is cut out on the back. Not only is this piece great for layering, it’s helpful during our Indian summers when a plaid coat is too warm midday and you still need to look put together. Similarly the side-zip Everlane pants add a small element of interest and half tucking the turtle neck keeps the outfit balanced and tailored.

ProTip: When building an ensemble think of it as an equation: one part interest and one part flow.


Compliment the look with Coordinating Accessories

Notice we did not title this section compliment the look with matching accessories! In fashion and certainly when creating compelling ensembles harmony does not mean every piece holds equal weight. Like art, any compelling look needs a focal point (or in this case piece—i.e. Plaid Coat) and a little unexpected tension.

I paired the coat with my trusty oxfords to jab at the menswear them. The open work of the shoe mimics the houndstooth print but reads neutral given the color. To add a little more pop I choose my new Cuyana bag in burgundy and my gold and black watch to add depth and keep the accessories tied to fall shades.

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Our Favorites to Steal the Look:

Plaid Coat


Mix and Match Basics


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