Rainy Day Essentials: Our Favorite Puddle Jumpers and Parkas

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Mother Nature always has a way of reminding us of the gaps in our wardrobe. It's difficult to argue with torrential downpours or arctic temperatures. Luckily San Fransisco is a fairly temperate climate, but you still need the basics to carry you through the rainy season. So why not have fun by adding a healthy dose of style?

Neutral or Pop Color?

When it comes to picking a raincoat, you can go one of two ways. Keep is basic with an easy to wear neutral or liven it up and infuse a fun pop of color. What it basically comes down to is your personality and what you feel the most comfortable in.

Our recommendation is that if you tend to wear a lot of prints and color in your everyday wardrobe, stick to a raincoat in black, khaki or another neutral so that it doesn't compete with your outfit. If you tend to wear more solids or lean toward monochromatic dressing, then opt for a color statement jacket that will be a bright and easy accent to any look.

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The Shortie vs. The Classic

Rain boots have come a long way since your childhood Wellies (which we still adore!). No longer heavy and clunky, today we have lots of options from high pull-on boots to low lace-up styles. We love Chooka for a tall rain boot. They are comfortable, come in a range of colors and have strap detailing. Sorel is our go-to for classic rain boots (they make both short and tall varieties) and also make great winter boots that keep your feet dry and warm. For something more style forward, Sloosh boots add a bit of edge with fringe detailing and stud details.

Check Out the Details

Look for little design details that are made for comfort and also add a bit individuality. Does the parka have vents under the arms to keep you from overheating? Are the rain boots lined or do they have buckles to adjust to your fit? Is there a button on your umbrella to open it and close it easily?

Pro tip: When purchasing rain gear, check to see if it is water resistant or waterproof. Water resistant will repel water but not keep it out totally, while waterproof means that the surface of the product is completely impermeable.

Our Favorites:

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