NYE Style: Ring in 2018 In A Dress That POPS!


As I write this New Year's Eve dressing post, I find myself feeling a little nostalgic about the year ending. 2017 has been a great year for Canvas. We've not only grown our styling business, but also met great new colleagues in the styling word and have been blessed with clients who continue to inspire us.

Above all, we have SO much love and gratitude to our family, friends, and clients who have championed us along the way. It's not always easy balancing all aspects of the business and finding time to blog about what is inspiring us, but we are encouraged by your feedback. Our hearts are full and we love you all!

Ok, now back to the topic of this post. Read on for our easy guide to New Year's Eve style success.

Are You NYE Sparkle or NYE Simple? 

When it comes to the biggest night of the year for getting glam and living it up, there are two types of people: those who love to go big with sparkle and a fabulous party dress (Kimberly always has a swoon-worthy look) and those that prefer to lay low and watch the ball drop in comfy clothes at home with friends (yup, that's me!). This year, I decided to step it up a notch and find a happy medium between full out glam and comfortable elegance.

Find the Dress that Makes You Glow


The most important thing about dressing up is to choose something that you feel great it. The second I put on this red Solace London dress I knew it was meant to be. The fit is fabulous - they make their dresses to fit a woman's body without being too tight or uncomfortable (Kimberly blogged about this British brand this fall). I tend to feel comfortable in a longer dress, and the front slit adds movement so that it's not constricting to walk in. The red literally pops and was meant to be worn for the holidays. The high neck adds a certain sleek sophistication. In short - I knew that this was THE dress to wear to ring in the New Year.

Go Bold With Some Bling

New Year's Eve absolutely calls for a little shimmer and sparkle. I kept my usually simple hoops in my ears and thin gold chain around my wrist and decided to amp things up with my metallic silver Jigaw London clutch from last year (similar).

Always a fan of mixing silver and gold, I went for my statement vintage cocktail ring. It is actually a white egg sitting in a gold bird's nest and is fun to wear to events where I don't know a lot of people, since it's a good conversation piece. 

Try A Tuxedo Jacket

I hate to cover up a great dress, but often times find myself chilly inside events.  Rather than reach for a wrap or scarf, try adding a masculine twist to an uber feminine dress with a sharp tuxedo jacket. It adds a sleek look without compromising the integrity of the overall look. I always advise clients to drape the blazer over their shoulders for an extra hint of chic to looks oh-so-effortless. (The same can be done with a motor jacket or statement blazer) For a list of our favorite Tuxedo jackets, scroll down to the end.

Don't Shy Away From Fun & Whimsy


As I mentioned earlier, it's important to wear pieces that you feel like yourself in. For me, I always like to incorporate a bit of fun and interest into everything I wear. When Kimberly starting shooting me in this look, I hadn't even thought about wearing the faux fur leopard print jacket with it. On a whim, she had me throw it over my shoulders and suddenly everything transformed and it just felt right.

ProTip: Always push yourself to take a chance and try something different to see what registers with you. And since this is our last post of 2017, we encourage you to not only do that in style, but also in life! 

We hope you have a fabulous New Year's Eve and that 2018 brings your every dream come true!

Stay Stylish,

Our Favorite Picks

Tuxedo Jackets

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