Print Mixing: A Day At The Legion Of Honor

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As just about anyone close to me knows, I love love love a good kimono! My first one belonged to my Nana. She got it in Japan while my Papa was serving as a doctor in the war and it hung on their living room wall for probably 40 years. When I inherited it, I loved it too much to not wear as a piece of art. I actually wore it in my first official headshot as a personal stylist and over the years continue to wear it in different ways.

The Kimono Jacket


The kimono jacket is great for Bay Area living, where you need to layer in lots of different weights to get through the day. This past fall I blogged about warmer version. I tend to be a basic dresser - in the sense that I like to wear mostly simples pieces like a black tee or white v-neck and then layer on a piece of interest to make the outfit pop. I had spotted this Endless Rose kimono while out shopping for a client and asked the store to put it on hold for me. 

Don't Over Think It

Part of my New Year's resolution is to actually give myself permission to buy more. Kimberly and I spend so much time around clothing and find so much joy in shopping for a clients that sometimes it falls a little flat when we go to shop for ourselves. It's just not as fun! I had actually forgotten the store was holding this coat for me, so when they brought it out AND it was almost 50% off, I didn't even give it a second thought. 

We can all tend to be over analytical in certain areas of our lives, so sometimes it is nice to just shut the brain off, listen to our heart and go for it. That's how I felt with this kimono and I promise you I smile every time I wear it, which has been a lot!


How To Style Your Kimono Jacket

As I mentioned, I like to keep the majority of my outfit simple and then add in one POP! item. On this day, Kimberly and I were visiting an exhibit at the Legion of Honor, so I felt like expressing myself a little more and amping up my outfit. I am a bit rock n roll at heart, and this Bleached Goods tee with an image of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is one of my favorites. It's actually a men's shirt, so I decided size up and embrace it being oversized.

Pro Tip: For a more sleek look, try it with a pair of black ankle pants, a v-neck cream blouse and heels. Or wear it over your favorite LBD for a night out.

The floral print on the kimono played nicely against the edge of the t-shirt. Not done yet, I popped on my velvet slides with pearl detailing for a little extra texture and print mixing. Now, I completely understand this is not for everyone. That's the joy of a kimono, you can do as much or as little with it as you want!

Stay Stylish,

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Outfit details: Rag n Bone denim ( similar ),  Bleached Goods Karl tee  (seldom seen also stocks them), Endless Rose faux fur trim kimono ( on sale! ), Furla bag ( similar ),  Yoki velvet slide

Outfit details: Rag n Bone denim (similar), Bleached Goods Karl tee (seldom seen also stocks them), Endless Rose faux fur trim kimono (on sale!), Furla bag (similar), Yoki velvet slide

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