Fall Dressing In SF: Embellishment Trends


All month, we have been sharing some of our favorite Fall style trends. Today, Devon is taking over the blog to share what she's most excited about this season.

Stay Stylish,



Looking into fall, I am most excited to spice up my basics with more fun embellishments. Maybe it’s the art school kid in me; but I love the adorned look (even if I’m not doing it myself.) Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate embellishments into your everyday wardrobe this fall.


You can thank Gucci for the current obsession with patches. Select a huge one or lots of little ones, grab an iron and you’re all set! Over-the-top embroidery is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe this upcoming season. Your denim jacket has never looked cooler.


Pins, and...

I get a pin or patch every time I travel and have many from friends and family. Enamel pins are a quirky way to personalize your look. Select a few that speak to your current mood and get creative! We love the latest local "Hella Good" SF Pin from Seldom Seen in Hayes Valley. them to almost anything--your go-to jacket, a tote bag, lapels and collars, baseball caps and so much more!


Pearls...Oh My!

Another favorite embellished trend, of course, are pearls. This fall, pearls aren’t just meant to collect dust in your jewelry box. Give these baubles new life by adding them in expected ways. Embellished denim, pearl-adorned footwear, even decorated sweatshirts are just a few ways to bring the pearl into 2017.

Insider tip: For a step-by-step to creating your own embellished jeans, check out my favorite blog post of the summer here.