Eye Do: Saying Yes to Natural Eye Creams


While age is just a number, now that both Megan and I have celebrated our birthdays for the year it's also time to face the facts--our skin needs a little more TLC than it used to. Your eyes don't lie. Suddenly we find ourselves waking up with puffy eyes after a cocktail the prior evening or sporting dark circles when staying up too late blogging (like tonight).

This year Megan and I are trying to transition our beauty bags to more natural/organic products, so finding an "healthier" eye cream became our mission this spring.  We purposely tried to sample products at a mix of prices, but ultimately focused on more entry price points. See below for our top eye cream picks... you may find one you love too.

Stay Stylish,


Kimberly's Picks

Dark Circles Eye Cream:

 Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes - Dark Circle Radiance Complex $55


I never really thought this was a "thing" but over the last two years (gasp!) I've woken up to the walking dead in the mirror.

I purchased this Radiance Complex from Credo Beauty on Fillmore street and love how light and fresh it feels. I apply it in the morning with my daily moisturizer and have noticed it keeps my skin hydrated and more resilient throughout the day. While I haven't noticed a stark difference in dark circles, they have lessened.

Pro-Tip: As you age your skin thins and your blood tends to pool in your eye cavity during sleep. To lessen the appearance of dark circles, sleep with your head elevated to work gravity in your favor. I suffer from allergies, so certain seasons puffy eyes and dark circles are inevitable. I've found sleeping on two pillows helps keep me bright eyed in the morning and less congested.

Moisturizing Eye Cream:

One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm $49


I first tried this product as a sample at Credo and would highly recommend trying it before purchasing. This product is not for everyone with its slightly herbal scent and thick texture (think crystalized honey). However, I love it! It goes on like a paste and softens with the heat of your skin. Given the nature of the consistency, I use it at bedtime to "lock in the moisture." The following morning I still have traces of it left under my eyes. In using this product I've noticed more elasticity in my delicate under eye and now smile with fewer crows feet (but I really don't mind happiness wrinkles). 

ProTip: While at the Tata Harper event at Credo, one of their VPs shared a skincare tip that Megan and I have been practicing. When applying your eye cream at night, wipe any excess around your lips to minimize pucker lines....if you saw this woman's skin you would be a believer too. Since these indregitents are all natural we are not concerned about ingesting anything in our sleep.

Megan's Picks

Youth Stimulating Eye Cream

 Skin Owl eye+ $46


Ever since my birthday in January, I've become hyperaware are the lines around my eyes. What drew me into this product first is its consistency. It is more like a gel than a cream and immediataley cools the skin after application. Made with Hyaluronic Acid, periwinkle, licorice, cucumber and aloe, it is designed to combat fatigued, tired, run-down skin. I do notice my skin perk up and brighten after applying it in the morning a bit, but have found myself reaching for a more moisture-rich eye cream at night.

ProTip; Keep this product in your fridge and use it to cool down you skin and instantly reduce puffy eyes during the hot summer months. It can also be used on the forehead and cheek area for all all-over face treatment. When applying, use your ring finger. It will naturally apply the lightest touch and be least likely to tug the skin.

Reduce Fine Lines Eye Cream:

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream $95


I walked away with a sample of Tata Harper's Restorative Eye Cream after her event at Credo in February and couldn't wait to try it. This is the most expensive cream that we tested out, and now I understand why. The product promises to relax wrinkles within 2 hours, diminish lines within 24 hours, and minimize puffiness 80% after 28 days. The texture is incredibly soft and smooth, so it glides on with ease and has a nice, natural scent that isn't overwhelming. While I didn't have enough to use it for the full 28 days, I did see an instant change around my eyes. My crow's feet lightened up and fine lines softened. I looked more awake when I looked in the mirror in the morning and noticed brighter eyes throughout the day.

Pro Tip: Kimberly and I both learned that since these products are made with all natural ingredients, they only have a shelf life of 6 months. When storing your natural skincare products, keep them away from direct light or heat, since this can alter their potency as well.