Changing Seasons: What to Pack Away for Fall


Megan and I often get the question from clients, “How do you dress in the Bay Area when there are no seasons?!” While it is true what we largely have two seasons in SF - Fog and No Fog - that doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a shift with the season.

Unsure what to pack away or shift to the back of your closet? Read on for our list to help you shift to a new season with ease and pack away seasonal pieces with care.

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Yes, Store Your Clothes For A Season


There are many professionals in our industry and organizational gurus who strictly direct to never packing away anything in your closet, but we support pausing pieces for a season or two (i.e. Fall/Winter). This cycling will increase the life of the garments by stretching their wear and help you to be more intentional when adding new pieces.

The Canvas Guide To Storing Your Summer Staples

Give It a Fresh Wash: Before packing anything away send it out to the dry cleaner or machine wash so that there are no stains. This also ensures that everything is fresh and ready for the following season when you take it out of storage.

Look At Fabrication: Anything that is light weight and cannot be layered under a sweater will likely not be your first pick in the morning, which is why we recommend packing away linen and light weight fabrics. By putting them away and out of sight, you can see your true choices in your closet and are less likely to always reach for the same thing.

Pro Tip: If you store your linen or summer sweaters in a box or plastic tote, slip in a paper wrapped bar of your favorite soap or sachet. Kimberly recommends picking up a set of Portuguese or Florentine soaps from World Market.


Color and Prints: It can feel tricky deciding which clothes to put away for Spring/Summer, when the weather is mostly the same all year round. We recommend packing your lighter colors and prints (pastels, bright florals, summer stripes), and leaving your jewel tones, deeper colors, and plaids for the cooler months.

Spring/Summer Accessories: Apply the pack-away strategy to your accessories. Straw sun hats, strapy sandals, and light weight scarves can be stored until your next vacation or season shift.

Pro Tip: Roll your scarves and store them in your hats. Not only will help your hats keep shapes, it will also help make the most of your storage space.

Storage Picks: