Celebrate Earth Day With Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Brands


Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd. While we will be celebrating by giving back to Mother Nature in different ways, one of our favorite ways is shopping sustainable clothing brands.

Kimberly and I have been blogging this year about natural beauty products that are better for the environment and free from harmful chemicals. Today, we are sharing our favorite eco-friendly clothing labels that prove sustainable shopping can be stylish. Be prepared to find your new favorite brands!

Stay Stylish,


It's our responsibility as consumers to step back and think about what we need and purchase mindfully. I'm encouraged that so many smaller brands are popping up and putting more pressure on big box shops to change the way they do business from production forward. Organic and sustainable no longer means "one style" or is associated with granola brands.

  1. Amour Vert - This SF local is still relatively "new" on the fashion scene and is picking up steam. We love their commitment to environmentally friendly production and socially responsible products. The style is fresh and over the last two years has come into its own. Some of their knits quality are still being fine-tuned in my opinion, but keep them on your radar.

  2. Eileen Fisher- For over 30 years this brand has been living up to its values to "to support the environment, human rights and initiatives for women and girls" Organic, sustainable fibers and fair trade business is the backbone of the brand. Beyond their timeless style and clean lines its hard not to love this label. Keep your eyes on these styles this year--this is no longer a 50+ brand.

  3. Cuyana - It's no secret that we love this brand! The crisp clean lines and less is more philosophy overlaps with our own Canvas values and esthetic. We wanted to include this brand in our earth day post due to their "Lean Closet" program and supporting reducing the waste in the fashion industry.


We've seen so many conscious brands emerge in recent years that 'conscious consumption' is now easily available to everyone. Having an eco-friendly attitude towards fashion is about embracing a “less is more” mindset and investing in items that are high-quality and timeless, rather than ultra-trendy and disposable. 

  1. Everlane: Born in San Francisco, this is one of our go-to brands for versatile essentials. The socially responsible company believes in "radical transparency" letting customers know where their clothing is manufactured and exactly how much it costs to make.

  2. Mara Hoffman: Mara didn't start off an an eco-conscious brand, but after learning how unsustainable her practices were, she decided to make a change. Today, the brand uses responsibly sourced organic, recycled and regenerated materials whenever possible and works to minimize the negative impacts associated with manufacturing.

  3. Reformation: A cult favorite among style bloggers, Reformation’s mission is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. They source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, while incorporating better practices throughout their supply chain to make clothing with minimal environmental impact.

Megan's eco-conscious style picks: