Beret Weather: How To Wear This Winter's Top Accessory


Megan and I have devoted a number of blogs this season to the latest fashion trends. While it is important to acknowledge that some trends do not fall into everyone's style playbook, keeping up on what is happening will ensure that your style stays relevant. What's that, you don't have time to read up, watch runway shows, and navigate endless stores? That is why we are here and blogging for you!

Every once and a while a trend will cycle through that you hope lasts forever.  I'll admit it, I am a longtime beret lover.  I love their simplicity, power, and functionality.  I have been waiting for YEARS for this accessory to come back into vogue. Thanks to a former presidential intern, the beret has had some lonely seasons. So, how do you wear a beret in 2017 and not look like a wayward Halloween costume or American girl doll? Read on to find out.

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Pick a Color That Matches Your Personality

  • Black: You're a classic--part romantic, part mysterious bohemian
  • Ivory: Soft and romantic, you prefer a feminine touch to your style
  • Red: Bold, lively and powerful you are not afraid to take a fashion risk
  • Green: Perhaps you love nature, but you could have political leanings
  • Blue: Calm, cool, and wise, you are steady in your fashion sense


How To Wear Your Beret

At Canvas we prefer sporting our berets slouched to the back with the brim at our brow. To avoid looking like a pop-over, keep your hat weighted and sitting to the side at an angle. While everyone is entitled to their own take, we find this combination classic, chic, and flattering on most face shapes. If you have sharper features, soften the angle and opt for a lighter color or printed beret.

Keep It An Accessory And Not A Focal Point

While some accessories can make an outfit we recommend keeping your beret a quieter statement. Channel your inner French gal and own it! I love pairing a beret with a statement jacket like my look here or an oversized sweater and coated denim to add a textured edge. If you want to add a little more softness, wear your beret with a flowy dress.

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