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Kimberly's Mod Work Dress


Sometimes there is nothing better than having a quick and easy dress in your wardrobe to pop on for those days you just need to get up and go.

Last year I purchased this dress from Ann Taylor Loft--I loved the Mod Design, heavy fabric, and geometric print. I knew I would get more use out of this dress during Fall/Winter, but it has remained untouched in my tiny closet. To brighten up the look for this season I paired it with a jacket I scored from our last clothing swap (thanks, Megan). It was just enough structure and color to compete with the printed dress and something I will be repeating.

Are you missing that go to dress in your wardrobe? The mod shift dress can be a great starter dress because of its forgiving and comfortable silhouette that works across different body types. 

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What To Look For In A Great Work Dress

IMG_4918 2.jpg

Choose A Fabric That Is Forgiving

The key to a great mod dress is structure. Thicker fabric will achieve this while helping to smooth out curves, resist wrinkles, and add warmth to a Winter/Spring work dress. Weight, retention (think bounce back), and fiber content all contribute to fabric quality. Look for a great Ponte (double knit), boiled wool, or thick cotton blend. 

A Versatile Print Or Color

If adding a print to your wardrobe is terrifying, start small. From an investment perspective, a geometric based design is one of the most trend-resistant patterns.

The more basic the print, the longer the life (i.e. stripes and polka dots). The navy, orange, and red shades in the print of my dress give flexibility to seasonality. Depending on the season you can pull out a different shade.

When you are considering a print or shade, stop and ask yourself "Can I make at least three different outfits with this piece?" For example, this dress can layer well with a white oxford, paired with a denim jacket or polished up with a black jacket like I did last Valentines Day.

A Simple Silhouette That Is Easy To Move In


Whether you are sitting in front of a panel of executives or three-year-olds, having a dress that is stylish and modest is golden. You never know what a day could throw at you and you don't want your ensemble to hold you back.

A shift dress, which is the style of my Mod dress, can luckily hold up to most of life's adventures. For taller gals, the length may be an issue since these dresses are designed to hit above the knee. If you are feeling self-conscious, try pairing a shift with tights and tall boots for a true mod expression รก la Mary Quant.

If you are interested in learning more about Mod style and what made it so popular in the 1960's, see this blog from ModCloth for more information.

Our Favorite Mod Pieces

 Outfit Details: Tulle Gold Jacket, Ann Taylor Loft Dress, French Sole Black Flats, J.Crew Gold Tassel Earrings

Outfit Details: Tulle Gold Jacket, Ann Taylor Loft Dress, French Sole Black Flats, J.Crew Gold Tassel Earrings

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Re-thinking Your Buying Behavior: The Canvas Approach


Over the years we have worked with hundred of clients, helping them simplify their closets and find meaning in their expression of style. One of the stand-out biggest takeaways clients have after an outfitting session is how much they can do with what they already own. Sometimes it just takes cleaning out the clutter and focusing on what works and why.

This NY Times article about buying less has been buzzing the last few weeks online and supports  what we believe in at Canvas--Invest in the best quality you can afford and only buy what you really need and love. The result? You'll spend less time on shopping and returns and have more time to devote to living life!

Honest Talk: How Do You Buy?

Clothing regardless of whether you are a gal or guy carries with it a mix of emotions and triggers. Sometimes it can feel like a treat at the end of a long day to indulge in new shoes or a chore to find a new bathing suit for vacation. Being mindful of your purchase style will help keep you accountable so you can enjoy a shopping trip. 

Stylist Confessions

As a stylist I know this, but as a consumer it's something I can still struggle with. I am an extremely frugal shopper to the point of self denial. When I invest in a big ticket item, I can take a long time (years) to research the perfect mix of quality, price, and fit. I have a few accountability partners (including Megan) to keep me honest, not overthink, and actual enjoy a hard earned handbag or jacket.   - Kimberly

Over the years, I've found that I don't get the same spark of joy buying something for myself that I do when I am working with a client. As a result, I am always looking for those special pieces that I can't live without. When I can't find anything, I end up buying lots of basics like black shirts or denim to hold me over. If I need a quick fix after a stressful day, you can always find me in Sephora.   - Megan


Starving the "More is More" Mentality

Fashion is a landscape of abundance with new collections dropping four (or up to 12) times a year. Yet, many of us suffer from a scarcity perspective when shopping. We buy in bulk to save, live in fear that our favorite cut of denim will be discontinued, and stock up on basics "just in case."

At Canvas, we understand that it's easy to get seduced by stores and caught up in shopping. We believe that it is ok to treat yourself every now and then. However, our vision for clients is to have a curated wardrobe of items that are not only loved, but worn till they are threadbare. To help, we both have little check-ins that we like to ask clients in the dressing room: 

1. Do you want to wear this as soon as you get home? If not, you probably don't need it.

2. Is this better than anything similar that you already own? If not, let's wait for better.

3. Does this feel like an A+? If not, then let's find one that is.

ProTip: If you wouldn't buy it at regular price, don't buy it on sale. Everyone has their breaking point on value, but if you don't love something enough to justify its cost you MAY not value it enough

Be Realistic in Your Goal Setting


What works for one, does not work for all. While we love being streamlined and minimal, there are seasons in life. Not celebrating that or allowing yourself to make fashion mistakes (learnings) can create its own host of problems.

We recommend budgeting and setting healthy realistic goals. We encourage our clients to be proactive consumers which is why we take inventory, schedule seasonal shopping trips, and are intentional in our selections. By planning your purchases, you are set up for success and not as vulnerable to shiny marketing tactics.

By having less in your closet, you naturally are forced to be more resourceful with what you have. This is one lesson Megan and I learned while doing our July Capsule Challenge. We actually found it was more fun getting dressed when we had fewer options because it caused us to be more creative.

Do What's Right For You And Enjoy It!

At the end of the day, we want clothing and getting dressed to be something that is fun and inspiring for all of our clients, not stressful or frustrating. While you may not be ready to take the plunge and quit shopping for a year (neither are we), it is important to step back and look at what and how you are buying. Find small ways to make those purchases more meaningful and then watch how that starts to filter through to the rest of your life.

Stay Stylish,

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Kimberly's Everyday Fall Fashion: The 5-second Outfit


I often ask clients when we first meet what their 5-second outfit is. This may seem like an odd question but at the heart of Canvas Styling, we are more realists than fashionistas. That sensational dinner party look may be necessary, but likely what you really need are effortless outfitting ideas for every day.

Outfitting On The Fly: Effortless Style

Kimberlys-fall-fashion-sf-style 2.jpg

What do you put on when your morning seems to be working against you and you spill that cup of coffee down your blouse? Today I am asking that question and sharing my answer with you. My hope is you will find it helpful in coming up with your own looks that are equally resilient and chic.

Building Bullet Proof Looks

The secret weapon of a capsule wardrobe is universality. If you have to suddenly change your top, bottom, or shoes, having a well-planned capsule wardrobe makes that quick change easy. If you missed our capsule wardrobe series, check out this blog to learn more.

Shoes That Go The Distance


As stylists, we are constantly on our feet running around stores, crawling under racks and up SF hills to find that perfect client piece (never trust a stylist in heels).

Having a good pair of shoes to support you along the way is essential. Having a good pair of shoes that are stylish can be problematic. Which is why we are all capitalizing on the mule and loafer trend this season because they walk this line oh so well.

The pair pictured are from Banana Republic from a few years ago. They go with just about everything, but they have stretched over time. Here are a few a great alternative options (steal and investment).

The Jacket Sweater Hybrid

Move over grandpa and boyfriends, a new sweater cardigan is in town and we are smitten! I picked up this J.Crew Sweater Blazer a few weeks ago after much deliberation (the sizing is generous--but go by what shoulder and sleeve length work best. I am wearing a small). Camel has been a popular jacket essential for the past few years, but many of the coats are better suited for colder climates than SF. I love that this sweater jacket is Merino wool, so it keeps me toasty without the weight or size of a fully lined jacket. I can easily stow it away in a bag for the midday fall sunshine and pull it out when the fog returns.

 Outfit Details:  J.Crew Sweater Blazer  $138,  AG Farah High-rise Jeans  $178, Black and White Linen Tee ( Similar  Caslon $25), Older BR Wine Flats (Similar above), Earrings Jessica Thompson Designs Triangle Pear $38

Outfit Details: J.Crew Sweater Blazer $138, AG Farah High-rise Jeans $178, Black and White Linen Tee (Similar Caslon $25), Older BR Wine Flats (Similar above), Earrings Jessica Thompson Designs Triangle Pear $38

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