Megan's Monochromatic Style

I am someone who loves to wear a pop of color. But some days I just want to put on all black (it's the East Coast girl in me) and go for a monochrome look.  It's easy, classic and timeless. Below are our tips for taking a monochromatic look and making it your own.

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Black is the New Black

Monochromatic dressing means wearing separates of one color that have different textures for an overall tonal look. The more you layer on different pieces of the same shade, the more depth you add to your look. While it may seem simple, monochromatic is anything but boring. In fact, when you keep your overall outfit within the same color hue, it can be just as striking as wearing a striking pattern or bold color.

Pro tip: When going for a monochrome look, the colors don't need to match perfectly, they just need to be in the same family You'll never find the exact shades of black, blue or gray.


Add In a Print

Feel free to sprinkle in a fun print with your monochrome look. It's no secret that I love a good leopard print, and these boots blended perfectly with my all black ensemble and earth-toned scarf. You can also add a bold colored shoe for an unexpected pop of color when the rest of the outfit is the same hue.

Break It Up With Accessories

Some people like to keep their accessories simple when they are wearing a monochrome look. For me, I like to add a few easy statement pieces to amp up the outfit a little.

The secret is to keep the accessories in the same color family to play off the monochromatic look. Sunglasses, scarves and purses are three easy ways to instantly add a pop to an all black outfit. 

My Outfit Breakdown

I like to invest in my staple pieces and then spend less on accessories that are more trend-focused. That way when the trend goes out of style, I am not stuck with an investment piece I can't wear anymore. The jeans are my go-to DL1961s in the Florence fit.  I've had them for years and they still hold their shape. This wrap is currently on sale at Uniqlo for $6! You can wear it as a poncho or as a scarf and it is ultra soft and warm. (It also doubles as a great blanket when you are on a plane.) The sunglasses were only $16 at Nordstrom and the purse was on sale at Banana Republic.

Our Favorite Picks:

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