Summer Hair Must-Have: Verb Ghost Oil


Kimberly and I love to share when we've found a great new beauty product. So as soon as I tried Verb Ghost Oil on my hair, I immediately texted her how amazing it was. The next day, I got a text back: "We have to blog about this!"

Frizz-Free Summer Hair

We test a lot of products (and we mean A LOT) to pass along recommendations to clients. Verb Ghost Oil definitely stands out as one of the best beauty products of the year. Made with moringa oil, it naturally smoothes frizz and gives your hair a radiant shine without feeling greasy or heavy. It's lightly scented with a fresh clean fragrance that quickly dissipates. You just apply two pumps before you blow dry or use any heat treatment on your hair. Kimberly also applies a drop after styling to the ends of her layers for more definition.


Smoothing for All Hair Types

We know that hair products aren't one size fits all, but we can say that we both have very different hair and got the same sleek results. Mine is short and thin and frizzes easily in humidity. Kimberly's hair is long and thick with a slight wave.

We recommend heading to your local Sephora and asking for a sample to try it before committing to a bottle. If you trust us (and you should) you can also purchase a bottle online for only $15 with tax which is another reason to feel the love.

Stay Stylish,

Posted on June 27, 2017 and filed under Beauty & Wellness.