When Satire Goes Mainstream: The Bro-Romper

It's Friday and we are in the mood to keep things a little lighter in the office. Maybe you've seen the above photo flash across your social media page, but the male romper has hit the fashion world by storm and is heating up for summer.

Only the truly fashionable have rocked this look in the past, but can it really go mainstream menswear without satire? We gotten quite a few questions on this style and today are weighing in and giving tips for the romper-inclined.

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When Comfort Is King

We understand the appeal, one pieces are beyond comfortable. However, tread lightly and make sure the design works for you--only the fashion bold will survive (and we applaud those who do). Look for structured silhouettes, back pockets and fabric that will hold up aka no droopy seat. We are big fans of mechanic style rompers for guys. They are a modern take on a classic and have rugged details, functional pockets are were designed for a guy's broad shoulders. While the price point is too steep for us, we love this version.

Romper Etiquette  

This may go without saying but rompers can only take you so far. To pull off the look, for anywhere outside a pool party, it needs serious styling. The risk if you can't pull it off is looking like an overgrown toddler. Add a leather moto, sleek bomber, and a rugged boot or urban sneaker.

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Posted on June 2, 2017 and filed under Style Stories, Menswear.