Dressing Outside the Box: Cultivating Your Style


During one of our weekly meetings Megan asked if I wanted to write a blog story about how my style has evolved over the last five years since I started styling full time. It triggered some introspection on how I've let down some barriers when working with clients to let my own personality and style shine.

For this photoshoot I chose a backdrop that personifies the beginning of my life in San Francisco--Chinatown. When I first moved to the city 11 years ago, Chinatown was part of my daily commute to fashion classes. I love the vibrant spirit and tradition of the neighborhood and to me that sums up what the world of fashion should balance.

Build A Foundation On What Works


For Megan and I, we have always been conscious of what we wear with clients, it sets the tone for the shopping experience. Looking back at my wardrobe when I first started styling, I aired on the safe side.  I know my body type and what silhouettes work best for me and stuck to that. I feel most comfortable in tailored and elegant investment pieces over the latest trend. These continue to be my foundational pieces--or basics.

Keep Harmony and Balance

Over the years I've incorporated more "fun" statement pieces into 20% of my mix that are relevant to what is happening in fashion and still resonate with my story. If you are unsure about working with a trend, make sure you have a good tailor to help you get the fit just right. It's important to remain in touch with your boundaries and push yourself to dress outside your box. When you do this, you start to innovate and see other things in life differently too.

Cultivate Your Garden

Voltaire said it best but, the key to cultivating your personal style is knowing that it will never be finished.  There is something unique about clothing in that if you take the time to look at your style, you will learn a lot about yourself. As exhausting as that seems, it shouldn't be. Part of the beauty (and pain) of the fashion industry is that it is constantly challenging and re-inventing itself. At Canvas we encourage the same, but acknowledge the best changes are the slow ones that evolve with you overtime.

Stay Stylish,


The Classic with a Pop Look:   Zara Striped Blouse  $49.90,  AG Skinny Jeans  $235, Sole Society Earrings ( similar ), FSNY Animal Print Flats ( similar )

The Classic with a Pop Look:  Zara Striped Blouse $49.90, AG Skinny Jeans $235, Sole Society Earrings (similar), FSNY Animal Print Flats (similar)

Posted on April 7, 2017 and filed under Style Stories.