Making Vintage Modern

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of vintage clothing. I have pieces in my closet that my Nana wore 50 years ago. So while on vacation in Monterey, I couldn't resist spending an afternoon exploring the town's many vintage stores. 

Vintage From Every Era

Seven stores and lots of shopping bags later, I can say it was a successful trip! My favorite finds range from a bright 70's inspired dress to a beaded cardigan from the 50's. While these may seem like two vastly different styles, they both seamlessly mix into my core wardrobe.

Mixing Vintage With Modern Pieces

The key to wearing vintage is pairing it with modern pieces for a fresh look. It's easy to think that something sweet, like my beaded cardigan, should only be paired with a soft dress. Instead I added a little modern edge with a black lace body suit, cigarette pant and a sleek cape. 

Layering Vintage Jewelry

I keep the same rule of thumb for jewelry that I have for clothing. Layer newer pieces with your vintage ones to keep them feeling costume. It's a fun contrast and leaves lots of room to play and have fun.

Stay Stylish,



Posted on April 19, 2017 .