Meet Devon Bert: Our Junior Stylist

A few months ago Megan and I announced that we were expanding our team. Over the past month we have been on-boarding our new Junior Stylist and couldn't be more excited to introduce, Devon Bert. With a strong back ground in fast paced fashion Devon will specialize in outfit making and curating the one perfect look for a special occasion or to keep up to date.

To get you better acquainted, we sat down for a little Q&A session.

Welcome Devon!




Where did you initially get the “fashion bug”?

Growing up on Long Island, just a train ride from Manhattan, I was fascinated with the big city lights and the magic of Broadway. The vibrant characters I saw on the stage and in the street grabbed my attention and never let it go. These experiences led me to pursue fashion early on.

Where do you find your inspiration?

As a fashion and art student in college, art history inspired me just as much as my fashion classes. Savannah College of Art and Design mixed southern charm with a diverse art school culture, shaping my eclectic taste. While living and working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I was surrounded by some of the most creative and distinct people you can imagine. Fashion inspiration was never in short supply.

How do you keep “on trend”?

You can discover your personal fashion aesthetic anywhere. On your walk to work or your weekend stroll, take a moment to look around. You don’t have to flip through fashion magazines; if you absorb beauty and art, your style will reflect that.


What is your favorite wardrobe piece?

Some of my most coveted pieces tend to be vintage or designer things I found on a huge discount. I love to hunt down those garments that speak to my identity. My goal at Canvas Styling is to help others channel their true style. A curated, thoughtful wardrobe is all about understanding the recipes for success and breaking them by adding a dash of you!

What is your favorite spot for brunch in SF?

A go-to neighborhood brunch spot is required when living in the city. I love going to Olea on California St. for an easy brunch. Their pile-high Avocado toast with hard boiled egg is the perfect meal for some afternoon shopping. If the weather is right, the sidewalk tables are lovely for people watching and sipping on grapefruit mimosas.


We know you’re a New Yorker through and through, but SF has stolen many a heart...what do you love most about your new city?

San Francisco is the ideal combination of metropolitan city and low-key California vibes. One day you’re surrounded by a concrete jungle, and the next, exploring some of the most beautiful nature our country has to offer. SF is perfect for those who love the hustle and bustle but still appreciate a healthy dose of fresh air.