Print Mixing Our Way to Spring

In the spectrum of style, print mixing is an advanced move. Some people call it "power clashing prints" while others refer to it as the "not matching match". It's one of Megan's favorite ways to dress and often one of the hardest things for more conservative dressers to try.

Embrace the Chaos

The secret to mixing prints is to not overthink it. The more analytical you are, the more complicated it can feel. Start by replacing the solid shirt in your everyday uniform with a soft print and work your way up from there.

Tips for Mixing Prints

Feeling a little nervous if you can pull it off? It may take a little extra attitude -- however, there are a few basic rules to make it easier.

1. Start small.  Keep it simple with classic geometrics like a stripe, dot and then pair it with a spring floral.

2. Leopard is a neutral. DVF said it first and we agree. If you are wearing a floral blouse or bold stripes, add a pair of leopard flats or jacket like Megan did above.

3. Know your scale. Choose one print that dominates and one as an accent. For example, Megan is letting her floral blouse dominate and the leopard accent it.

4. Limit your color palette. Make sure that your colors are complementary (opposite on the color wheel) or different shades of the same family (dark blue and baby blue).

5. Invert your prints. If you aren't into bold colors, try inverting your prints by pairing a black item with white stripes with a white item with black stripes.

Outfit details:  Zara printed poplin top , faux leopard fur jacket ( similar ),  Levis 710 jeans , Nine West flats ( similar ) and Alexander McQueen sunnies.

Outfit details: Zara printed poplin top, faux leopard fur jacket (similar), Levis 710 jeans, Nine West flats (similar) and Alexander McQueen sunnies.

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Posted on March 28, 2017 and filed under Style Stories.