DIY Challenge: How to Fray Your Denim Like A Pro

Destressed denim is a standard in any fashion lover's wardrobe--but do you choke at the thought of investing in something already torn apart? We get it, which is why we thought we'd help some of you ease into the game. 

The Frayed Denim Trend

Denim trends come and go, but the frayed hem has been a hot look the past few years. It is simple enough you can do it at home. The beauty of this trend is you can really make it your own--the cropped bell cut, the staggered hem (think high-low mullet cuff), and the super fringe are all styles that you can do yourself. 

How To Fray Your Denim At Home

Today we are going to keep it simple and take one of our old pairs of denim and spruce it up for spring with a basic raw hem makeover.

The Basic Raw Hem

What you'll need:

  • Chalk or a tailors pencil
  • Safety Pins or straight pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Seam Ripper/Tweezers
  • Old Pair of Jeans Freshly Washed
  • Ruler or Straight Edge

Step 1:

Iron your jeans (this should really be the only time this should ever happen, unless your name is Kimberly or Monica ;)). Make sure you have a fresh foundation to start with and release the original hem if you need more length.

Step 2:

Test out the length by trying them on and adding a straight pin or safety pin where you want to hem. Make a straight line on where you want your fringe or fray to start with a pencil or tailor's chalk.

Step 3:

Make sure the length is exactly what you want or cut the hem slightly longer to start (measure twice, cut once friends).

Step 4:

Snip, snip, snip

Step 5:

Release some of the threads from the hem, lightly pulling your seam ripper or tweezers along the bottom of the hem. If you look an the inside of the denim pull some of the loops by the edge of the hem. In between releasing threads, pull the hem tight at the sides to "fluff" up the fray.

Step 6: Enjoy Life in the Fray. If your hem after washing looks too much like a jellyfish for your taste snip the loose threads for maintenance.

Stay Stylish,