Monday Motivation: Goal Setting Never Goes Outta Style

Refresh Your Goals For Fall


There is something about Fall and being conditioned for the back to school excitement of the season.  Even though our school days are distant memories, we still have the desire to go out and buy new pencils and a fresh notebook to start a new season.  

Coming off of a summer of travel and slower days, Megan and I were chatting the other week about ways to keep inspired and motivated. Megan had just started a new way of organizing her day, while keeping her focus on her long term goals.

Categorize Your Goals

Start with a notebook that is dedicated to your daily "to-do" list. Every morning at the top of a clean page, write down your long-term goal and your short-term goal. Then divide the page into three categories: work, personal and friends. Under each category write down what you want to accomplish for each that day. 

1/3/5 Goal Setting

I loved Megan's notebook approach and integrated another daily goal setting method of ranking daily goals by 1/3/5 tasks. Everyday set one major goal that you know you will accomplish that day. Follow up with three medium sized tasks and five smaller easy tasks. I chose to do this twice once for personal goals and once for work goals like Megan's method. I found that it was a better way to keep a work/life balance.

Stay Stylish and on point,

Posted on September 19, 2016 .