When Fashion Sells Out: Why Spring 2017 NYFW Missed The Mark

We are just going to come out and say it -- New York Fashion Week this year was a big disappointment. Not because the clothes weren't beautiful (which they were). To us, NYFW lacked a little soul.

What's Missing are the People Who Are Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Molds


Part of Fashion week's intrigue has always been drama and a degree of exclusivity. Similar to Spring shows, when we scanned through the countless Instagram shots, runway features and backstage exclusives we felt we were skimming a repetitive ad campaign. To us, the front rows read like the Oscars of social media and branding.

What's missing is the focus on the people who are pushing boundaries and breaking molds. The fearless, the fun, the one's creating trends instead of being paid by brands to promote them. 

To be clear, we applaud people who have worked hard making a name for themselves and endorse brands. We just wish they would keep their voice too and do it in a more original way.

Rumblings of Fashion For All

There were a few bright spots to the week. A few designers and industry leaders made a loud call for action to dress all body types and we love that! Tim Gunn was a great supporter of including more plus size designs that speak to more American women.

Megan's favorite part of Fashion Week this year was the Christian Siriano show, where he sent women of different body shapes, sizes and ethnicities down the runway in what felt like a very authentic manner. He also takes a high-low approach by mixing his runway clothes with his Payless shoe line.

Kimberly's favorite part of Fashion Week was seeing the J.Crew show use real people as models (true, they were J.Crew-like people). Accessible fashion mixed in with beautiful couture runway shows plays to what is at the evolving heart of American fashion today.

Keep It Fresh For the Front Row

We want to applaud those in the industry who continue to push the envelope and demand more from fit, style and design.  Part of the underlying tone at NYFW was it felt more like a machine than a display of a vibrant industry full of trained craftspeople. Those are individuals who keep fashion fresh, fun and motivate us to redefine our relationship with our own image.

Stay Stylish,


Posted on September 16, 2016 .