Bond Never Wears Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts always seem to be a hot topic 

Men love to wear them, women loathe to see their men wearing them and Abercrombie & Fitch gained notoriety selling them. 

I recently received an email from a mail client outlining what he wanted to focus on during out next shopping trip. One line read, "Shorts (but not cargo shorts, I'm not in college anymore!!). A few weeks later, he sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal titled "Nice Cargo Shorts. You're Sleeping on the Sofa!"

"Men want to be like James Bond. Bond never wears cargo shorts."

The article gives an entertaining look at the statement cargo shorts have made over the years, as well as their fashion history (they are said to have originated in the 1940s for military use). Our vote, perhaps give the style some time to recover and reserve the silhouette as outdoor wear, which is exactly what it was designed for.

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Posted on August 12, 2016 and filed under Menswear.