Minimalist Travel Special Edition: The Beauty Bag

As a follow up to my minimalist travel blog, Megan and I thought it would be fun to include the beauty products I took abroad.  These were also subject to my strict "less is more" travel philosophy.  While traveling I like to have fun with the beauty products I bring, because when you are away from home and "roughing it" by SF standards a little luxury is nice.

Stay Stylish,


Tips for Travel Toiletries:

1.) Save Your Samples for Traveling! Stop by Sephora or local beauty department and have them make you a sample of your go-to foundation and primer. The small containers are perfect for getting through security, lighten your load and should last a week or two. Sephora is also great for more substantial samples on your birthday--so this year I opted for the Fresh duo to save for traveling. 

2.) Ziplock Snack Bags Keep You Organized These are perfect for keeping your toiletries clean and sorted. I usually group toiletries by end use. All my eye make up goes in one bag, moisturizer and foundation in another so getting ready is easy.

3.) Look for Multi-purpose Products A friend got me hooked on the O'ccitane Almond Shower Oil which hydrates as it cleanses--but it also acts as a great shave gel.

4.) Say NO to Bad Hair Days After years of using drug store shampoo/conditioner miniatures or hotel offerings I've upgraded products. Water quality is different around the globe. Having a good conditioner to combat harsher environments is a nice luxury to have. Enjoy is my current favorite mini that I refill with larger bottles at home.

5.) Try Something New I make it a habit to try out a new scent sample or rollerball when I take a big trip. When I return that smell always reminds me of my vacation and it's a fun way of extending the memory. Spain meant citrus to me, so I got a Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Rollerball. I found it was pretty light, so I recommend layering it with their lotion.

**Photo thanks to Kelsey Johnson