Travel Essentials: Our Non Negotiable Carry-Ons

The Canvas Team has been on the go lately traveling domestically and abroad. Traveling can be stressful with unknown delays and last minute gate changes. We recently sat down to share what's in our carry-ons to keep us polished and ready for the next adventure. 

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After wanting one for awhile, I finally committed to getting a backpack. I chose Everlane's new Dipped Zip Backpack because I liked the built-in padded laptop pocket and the all black body. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!? I usually travel with my dog, and this backpack made carrying her and my essentials a breeze. Plus it fit right under the seat and was easy to access. Inside I always carry my:

Kimberly: My carry-on has gone through a major revamp after my last trip. I used to carry too much due to a fear of lost luggage. Now that I'm all about carrying on my suitcase, I don't need to carry as much in my allotted personal bag. Here are my favorite items that make flying much more enjoyable.

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