Fade Out: How to Get Rid of Sun Spots

The title of this post really should have been "Sun Spots Suck" because, well, they really do. The most frustrating part is that the little dark marks that are starting to show up on your face aren't a result of how you care for your skin now. It takes years for melanin clusters to form, so they've been in the works for awhile.

There's a spectrum of products on the market to help fade sun spots and hyperpigmentation, from drugstore brands to prescription-only creams. We talked to a dermatologist who advised us to look for products that contain at least 2% Hydroquinone, known for its fast-acting ability to fade spots, as well as Vitamin C. 

Here are a few tips for treatment:

  • Start early-the pigmentation of spots moves deeper over time. If you start treating new spots early, they will diminish in as soon as 2 months.
  • Be diligent & patient- Results from treatments can take up to 6 months to a year for older spots. If you are looking for a quick fix, ask your derm about laser treatments.
  • Wear sunscreen- UV exposure only makes the spots worse. Apply SPF 50 every morning and more if you are outside for extended periods.
  • Avoid rough scrubs- you can't scrub a sun spot off (we wish!). In fact, using gritty scrubs can irritate your skin and make the spots worse.

Have a great weekend,