Tech+Fash Update: Our Second Deliveries from Rent the Runway & Le Tote

Here is a round up of Megan and my second deliveries from our online shopping services.  We'll be extending the review through the month of March to give you a full recap of our experiences.

Kimberly-Rent the Runway Unlimited, Take Two!

Following my ho-hum initial experience --I returned two of three items unworn to RTR's Manhattan pop up location --I was skeptical about the Unlimited service.  It felt, well, limited. 

The verdict of round two? I AM IN LOVE (insert smilie heart here).  The Rent the Runway Unlimited service has some bugs to work through in user interface/product selection offering, but I LOVE the concept. When it works, it is magic.  Who wouldn't like to try beautiful brands without the commitment of a full purchase?

For my second order I received a Milly Jacket that fits perfectly which I DO NOT want to say goodbye to.  As a perk they offer a 30% discount if you want to purchase one of your rentals.  However the price of this jacket is still too steep to me.  I also received a Tibi Navy Dress with tie sleeves that again fits well and is a great weight for the current season.  I wore it over the weekend with tall boots and tights and will be wearing it again tomorrow for a client meeting.  

(Full disclosure: Kimberly was not in a photo mood in the second picture, but she was a trooper and obliged me.)

Want to TRY RTR Unlimited too?! They are offering a temporary $20 credit off your Unlimited order with the code: FFUNL1CAADB 

What made my second order a success?

  1.  I did my homework...I heavily filtered through all the items offered on Unlimited. I read the customer product reviews and carefully looked at photos to guess my size/fit accurately.
  2. I was lucky...inventory is still fairly limited and if you see something you like your size may not be available. This week I was able to get what I wanted.

Megan Says Buh-Bye to Le Tote

I wanted to love Le Tote, I really did. But after my second delivery we had to officially break up. As I mentioned before, I wasn't thrilled with the quality of the items. Many of the purses they offer aren't real leather, the majority of the tops are synthetic and the fits felt off to me. But the clincher was when Kimberly and I were at our morning meeting on Monday and this happened...


I lifted my arm to enthusiastically made a point and Kimberly spotted a hole in my sweater! Thank goodness she noticed it before I went about my day and headed to a few meetings.

Final thoughts:

  1. Le Tote is geared towards a younger demographic that wants to swap out items often.
  2. Check your clothing! There may be holes
  3. While the quality isn't great, their customer service is wonderful. Deliveries arrived 2 days after I ordered them.

Now on to test out Stitch Fix!

Stay Stylish,

Posted on February 26, 2016 and filed under Stylish Living.