Pounding the Pavement: Kimberly's Fav Men's Street Style Looks from NYFW

While I basked in our 75 degree weather last week, Kimberly braved the cold for New York Fashion Week. Now it goes without saying that one of the best parts of NYFW (and NYC in general) outside of the shows is the amazing street style that you get too see. And after seeing some shots the Kimberly got, we can all agree that the men of NYC are on top of their game.

Kimberly chiming in here: West Coast guys, let me remind you that these gents found a way to be stylish even when it was -20. And they made it look easy! Take note, great style doesn't need to be forced.

We picked these two as our favorites because we love it when men stay true to what is natural to them. The bold accessories and pop of color with pattern really gels the look together in the first shot. The man in the second photo simply mastered casual and fitted style despite his tall stature. His pants are cuffed just right, his coat fits perfectly and he popped his collar for an added touch. 

Here are a few other NYFW week street style shots we really enjoyed. These were taken by some of our favorite photographers from Huffington Post, GQ and Adam Sinding for W.

Stay stylish,

Posted on February 19, 2016 .