Welcoming a New Year: Our 2017 Resolutions

Every year we like to share our resolutions. Not only does it keep us accountable and hopefully inspire you, it's also a good way for us to step back from our schedules and be intentional about the year ahead. 

What we didn't realize until we worked on this blog together is that a strong theme for both of us is to engage a little less with technology and find other ways to connect and be inspired with the world around us. 


 Megan's 2017 Resolutions:

  • Wear more color- I tend to wear a lot of black and grey. This year I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and embracing color!
  • Cook one new recipe a month- Anyone that knows me knows that I am not good in the kitchen. This is my year to learn to cook without setting my oven on fire (yes, that really happened).
  • Send more handwritten letters- Getting a note in the mail always brings a smile to my face. I want to send less emails and start sitting and writing more letters to the ones I love.

Kimberly's 2017 Resolutions: 

  • Commit to actually investing in a few long-term staples. Some of my trusty classic items are starting to show their wear. I've been putting it off too long.
  • Read more "fun" books. I've spent most of my free time in 2016 reading articles online. Of the books I did read last year (sadly not enough) they were all business. It's time to mix it up.
  • Take a fun class and learn a new skill

What are you excited about?

Cheers to a stylish 2017, 

Posted on January 1, 2017 and filed under Stylish Living.