Men's Style: Waterproofing Your Work Wardrobe

It's supposed to storm all weekend, but don't worry men we have your covered (literally!). In our latest menswear feature, we breakdown the science of what to wear to work in wet San Francisco weather.

Layering is Key

Guys, play the rule of three when dressing. Sure a shirt and a great pair of jeans make a solid foundation, but layering adds personality. Try adding a jacket, sweater or visible undershirt. Do you overheat easily? Nix the heavy layers and play with adding a fun sock, accessory or statement shoe.

These Aren't Your Dad's Khakis

Many of our clients roll their eyes when we suggest adding a khaki to their wardrobe. Newsflash gents--the khaki got a modern makeover in a slimmer silhouette. Give your daytime wardrobe a fresh look. We love AG's Nomad and Graduate styles!

Add An All Weather Jacket

In SF you pretty much need to be prepared for wind, rain, fog and sunshine all in one day. Find a versatile jacket that isn't too heavy and is rain-resistant. This way you won't soak in a rain storm, but it can also come off and easily be toted when the sun decides to peek out. 

Stay Stylish,

Photo credit: Daniel Lee
All clothes are from Seldom Seen in Hayes Valley.

Posted on January 5, 2017 and filed under Style Stories, Menswear.