Casual SF Menswear Style Decoded

The Everyday Cool Guy

To kick off our series on SF Menswear essentials, we decided to start easy. What are the key items every guy should have in his casual wardrobe? The outfit below sums up our answer-- focus on fit, keep it comfortable and most of all, make sure it feels like you.

Start With Great Denim

Every wardrobe starts with a great pair of jeans. Once you learn the brand(s) that fit you best, the rest is easy. For a casual daytime look, we like a lighter distressed wash. Then switch to a dark wash for evening or work (more on that later). Make the jeans your own - cuff them, roll them, add a belt.

Add a Focal Piece or Personal Element

Most jeans are pretty standard, so add in a fun print, a design detail or some texture to add interest to your outfit. We instantly fell in love with this modern camo button down. It's playfully cool, incorporates color and can be worn several ways (layered or solo) .

Layering Is Key

The secret to dressing for San Francisco weather is layers! Not only are they functional from a temperature perspective, they create variety and add interest to an outfit. Think of the Rule of Three--to add interest to any look always have three items. A jacket, scarf, cool watch or stylish shoes will add depth to a pair of jeans and shirt. Also--Most guys naturally run warm  so pay attention to the fabrics you choose (do they breathe, are they bulky?).



Outfit details (all from Seldom Seen): Earnest Sewn Dean Liberty Skinny jean ($220), Mason Kitsune Landscape Military shirt ($265), Maison Kitsune Parisien tee ($85), Black Demin jacket (available in-store), Han Kjobenhavn Smith Black sunglasses ($180).

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Posted on November 19, 2016 and filed under Style Stories, Menswear.