Rainy Day Style: Chic Waterproof Boots

It's raining hard. So hard that Lola was unimpressed with her morning walk and Uber is probably super surging with the influx of riders trying to stay dry on the way to work this morning.

Kimberly and I both are hitting the stores for clients today, so there is no hiding from the rain. So we thought today would be the perfect day to post about some of our favorite rain boots.  Trust us... they've come a long way since your childhood Wellies (which we still adore!).

Sloosh boots hit our radar a few months ago and since then we've been obsessed. They add an urban edge to the typical rain boot with the right dose of chic style. 

Sloosh studded fringe bootie (in stores Spring 2016)

Sloosh studded fringe bootie (in stores Spring 2016)

Sorel is our go-to for classic rain boots with a pop of unexpected pop of style. They also make great winter boots that keep your feet dry and cozy.

We love Chooka for a tall rain boot. They are comfortable, come if fun colors and have strap detailing.

Now, off to find our umbrellas!

Stay Stylish (and dry),

Posted on January 19, 2016 .