Wednesday Chillout Session: Our Favorite Iced Tea


Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  When temperatures on the rise an afternoon glass of iced tea can be the one thing keeping the Canvas team on point and style ready.  Megan and I both love our iced tea variations, but this one shared by a friend continues to be a favorite. The lightly sweet and earthy flavor of the Equal Exchange Organic Rooibos is perfectly refreshing with lemon or a brightly flavored nectarine. 

Stay Stylish,



In a large pitcher add tea bags (I use one but like a lighter tea) and boiling water. Cover, steep for five minutes and refrigerate 1-2 hours to chill. When chill add lemon or nectarine and serve with mint spring for garnish. Enjoy!

Posted on September 9, 2015 and filed under Style Stories, Stylish Living.